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26 May 2014 @ 03:59 pm
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Title: The Chronology of us - Chapter 66: Safety in numbers
Rating: T
Pairing: Stana/Nathan
Chapter 66: Safety in numbersCollapse )
Title: All the wasted years (Re-post) Part 2/2
Rating: K+
Pairing: Stana/Nathan


All the wasted years 2/2Collapse )
A/N1: Here you go peoples. Some Stanathan goodness for y'all! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Onward andf upward to 2016!


Just over forty hours later after lengthy layovers in Zagreb and Amsterdam, Nathan and Stana’s plane touched down in Edmonton. The pair was so exhausted by their cross continent travel that they only woke up when the wheels touched the tarmac and the pilot applied the brakes.

Long haul flights blow ass,” Nathan grouched as he stretched and cracked his knuckles one by one. “I don’t care about being sociable with my family today. All I want to do is go to sleep in a proper bed.”

“I’m with you on that one,” Stana mumbled as she leaned down to pull her handbag from under the seat in front of hers. “Your folks won’t mind, will they?”

“Nah, they’ll be good. They know where we’ve flown in from,” Nathan replied as their plane slowed and began turning toward their arrival gate. “I told Mom when I spoke to her a couple of days ago that you and I would probably be out of it for a couple of days after we arrived and she understood, she said everything would be set for our arrival so all we have to do is go to bed when we get back home. Our dinner with her Dad, Jeff, Wendy and the girls isn’t til the weekend so we should be good just to chill until then.”

A short time later the plane arrived at its assigned gate and the passengers began disembarking. Nathan and Stana quickly collected their luggage and made their way through customs and immigration before heading to the nearest taxi rank and taking the first available car to Greenview, the southern Edmonton suburb in which Bob and Cookie lived. The pair were so bone tired they fell asleep shortly after their journey began and the taxi driver had to wake them up once they reached their destination.

“Oh god, I am so sorry!” Stana exclaimed as she elbowed Nathan further into wakefulness. “We didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“That’s alright ma’am, falling asleep in the back of my cab is the least salacious thing I’ve seen couples do.” The driver whose ID badge on the dashboard identified him as Reg said with a grin. “At least I don’t have to take the car back to the depot to wash it. Had to do that three times last weekend. Working the nightclub strip sucks sometimes.”

“Thanks for the ride,” Nathan piped up giving Reg their fare plus another fifty as a tip.

“Thank you Sir.”

Reg helped Stana and Nathan unload their luggage from the trunk then drove away leaving the pair to make their way down the drive to the front door.

Nathan lifted a fist and knocked smartly just as the wind picked up and it began to snow. “Welcome to Edmonton,” he said dryly as the sound of footsteps filtered through the thick wooden door.

A second later the sound of a slide bolt and a deadbolt lock could be heard and the door swung open to reveal Cookie, Nathan’s mother standing there. Immediately the older woman lit up like a Christmas tree and leapt forward embracing her youngest son in a fierce hug.

“Sweetheart!” she exclaimed. “You’re here! It’s so good to see you!”

“Hey Ma, good to see you too.” Nathan replied patiently as he returned his mother’s hug. “How have you been?”

“Oh you know, same same.” Cookie replied cheerfully as she released him then embraced Stana. “hello Stana darling, how are you honey?”

“Beyond exhausted but happy, I had a pretty good Christmas and New Year.” The brunette replied moving forward as Cookie chivvied them inside the spacious home. “How about you and Bob?”

“Oh we’re good darling, missed having you and Nate here for Christmas but we totally understand why you couldn’t be here. I didn’t spend Christmas with my family when I first met Bob either.”

“Next Christmas we’ll be here Mom.” Nathan promised as the alluring smell of ginger spice wafted over them. “Oh are you making Ginger Snaps?”

“I am, but fingers off greedy they’re not cooled enough to eat yet.” Cookie said playfully spanking her sons hands. “I’ll make some more and you can go home with a batch.”

“Mmwah, Mom you’re the best.” Nathan informed his mother as he leaned down and pecked her on the cheek. “Is Dad home?”

“He is but he’s down in the shed doing whatever he does down there.” Cookie replied dryly. “You know what your father is like with his shed ‘Dude zone only’ well not really he doesn’t mind if I go down there. He said something about putting more fuel in the snow blower. The news forecasted a blizzard tonight so he wants to make sure it’s in good nick for the morning. I’ll message him on the intercom. Would you two like a coffee?”

“No thanks Mom, I’m exhausted.” Nathan replied tiredly as he left his bags at the end of the kitchen bench and collapsed into one of the bar stools. “Coffee will just keep me awake.”

“Same here.” Stana added apologetically.

“I wouldn’t say no to a mug of your super secret peppermint cocoa though.” Nathan piped up with a grin.

“Coming right up honey, one for you too Stana?”

“Ooh yes please.”

Stana slung her arms around Nathan’s tired frame while Cookie bustled around the kitchen. She set a saucepan of milk to simmer on the stove before going to the intercom on the wall next to the pantry and pressing the middle button.

“Darling, have you nearly finished?” she asked into the speaker. “Nathan and Stana just got here.”

There was a harsh scraping nose before the voice of Nathan’s father came through the speaker. “Be right down hon.” He said cheerfully. “Just finished actually, see you soon.”

“So do you two plan on getting out and about while you’re here?” Cookie asked her son and his girlfriend as she fetched the cocoa powder, chocolate and peppermint essence from the pantry.

“Nope.” Nathan replied. “We did that every day we were in Serbia and Croatia. We’re just going to veg out here and try and get our body clocks back into the right time zone before we head back to work next Monday. Besides everything’s covered in snow and I showed Stana everything good to see last time we were here.”

“We just want to spend time with you, Bob, Wendy, Jeff and the girls.” Stana added. “At least once we’re rested and not walking around like zombies.”

“Of course of course, I understand.” Cookie said kindly as she broke some chocolate into pieces and added it to the warming milk on the stove.

Just as Cookie turned the stove off, Bob made an appearance - thumping up the back verandah steps and brushing snow from his woolly hat. He scurried inside and immediately ripped off his gloves rubbing them together hard to warm them.

“Ugh it’s freezing!” he exclaimed. “Nate! Stana!”

“Hey old boy.” Nathan said greeting his father with a snort and a slap on the back.

Bob Fillion rolled his eyes. “Smartass.” He muttered embracing his youngest son “I’m not old I’m of a great vintage.”

Stana laughed, Bob turned to the brunette and embraced her. “Good to see you honey,” he said. “You travelled alright?”

“Yeah we got here fine, though we had huge layovers in Zagreb and Amsterdam.” Stana replied, making a face. “Both Nate and I are exhausted. Once we’ve had a mug of Cookie’s hot chocolate we’re heading straight to bed. I’m struggling to stay awake as it is, we even fell asleep in the taxi from the airport to here, the driver had to wake us up.”

“Are you hungry?” Bob asked in concern. “Maybe you should have something a bit more substantial than hot chocolate.”

“Oh we’re alright in that way we ate on the plane,” Stana replied with a sleep yawn. “Sorry,” she apologized. “We might be hungry when we wake up though.”

“I’ll defrost some of the casserole Bob and I had last night for you to heat up if you wake up after we’ve gone to bed.” Cookie said at once.

“Thanks Mom, you’re a gem.” Nathan told his mother with an exhausted smile.


After a mug of Cookie’s special hot chocolate and a shared hot shower, Nathan and Stana went to bed and crashed. Neither of them woke til well into the next morning after fifteen hours of deep, healing sleep.

Stana was the first to stumble into consciousness and staggered out of bed into the ensuite bathroom where she relieved herself then guzzled down several relieving glasses of water. She then filled another and returned to the bedroom, setting the glass on Nathan’s bedside table. The actor opened an eye and groaned as he became painfully aware of the foul taste and furry feeling in his mouth.

“Hey.” Stana said softly as she climbed back under the covers. “I got you some water.”

Thanks.” Nathan mumbled. “Wozzthetime?

“Half past eleven....I think.” Stana replied snuggling up to her fiancé. “Wanna get up?”

“Na.” Nathan replied. “NottilIneedtopee.

“I’m good in that department.” Stana replied. “I want to stay like this forever, nude, under the covers and sleepy with you.”

“We’ll have to get up eventually.” Nathan informed her. “But I do like the idea of staying in bed with you all day.”

“Let’s leave that for our honeymoon, huh?” Stana suggested in amusement. “We’ll have the time and no social obligation to get out for anyone then.”

“Sounds good.”


Nathan and Stana spent another hour in bed dozing and smooching before dragging themselves out of bed and showering. They then shuffled into the main part of the house where Bob was reading the paper and Cookie was studying a cookbook.

“Hello you two lovebirds!” Cookie piped, a smile spreading across her face. “Feel better?”

“Much,” Stana and Nathan chorused.

“Sort of,” Nathan clarified. “I hate jetlag. It's like being wasted drunk and sober at the same time.”

“Well we can fix that,” Bob said as he got to his feet and made his way into the kitchen. “I restocked the liquor cabinet after New Year’s Eve.”

“Har har.” Nathan replied dryly. “No, I’m laying off the booze for the next little while. I drank so much Rakija over the last two weeks that I’m surprised I haven’t turned into a bottle of the stuff.”

“Really, you got into the whole ‘drinking like a Serb’ thing, huh?” Cookie asked Stana.

“Oh you’re not kidding.” The brunette replied. “But I think mainly because my brothers egged him on. Nate actually won a Beer Pong contest against my cousin Zoran on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t know who was going to barf first Nate or Zoran.”

“Zoran obviously.” Nathan cut in with a grin. “Well I didn’t actually see him barf, and I stopped drinking after that so I didn’t. I’m too old to drink like that anymore.”

“You saw the New Year in with a bang then?” Bob asked in amusement.

“Yeah you could say that.” Nathan replied, a smile creeping across as his lips as he glanced at Stana. “We didn’t get to bed til four in the morning.”

“And it was dinner time before anyone got out of bed,” Stana added. “We were all hung over, even Mama and Tata, though Nate and I were least of all because aside from a flute of champagne at midnight we stopped drinking at ten.”

“I think I might like to go to a Katic family party one day, sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.” Bob said with a snort of laughter.

“It is, you’d be most welcome.” Stana informed him with a smile. “We’re like any Serbian family, we’ll celebrate anything. The celebration we have for or family patron saint is the best way to experience a Katic family get together. I haven’t been able to make a family Slava since I started on Castle so last year the whole family came down to LA and we celebrated at Marko’s house, he’s my youngest brother.”

“What happens if there’s a wedding or a baby born into the family?” Cookie asked with a grin.

“Oh those occasions warrant a week long soiree.” Stana replied dryly. “When my favourite cousin Jelena’s daughter Vanya was born six and a half years ago, we were drunk for a week. She was the first grandchild for Tata’s side of the family so it was a massive occasion.”

“First grandchildren in any family is a big occasion.” Cookie said. “When Wendy and Jeff had Emma we all celebrated for days.”

“Well next time the Katic family has a celebration, you’re most welcome to come along.” Stana informed the older woman. “Chicago is only a short flight from Edmonton and that’s where things usually happen. Mama and Tata’s house.”

“Thank you honey, now how about food? Are you hungry?”


For the next several days Nathan and Stana just hung out at Bob and Cookie’s, mainly staying inside but a few times heading out at night to a local restaurant for dinner. They stayed up late each night and slept in late each morning. Gradually their body clocks reverted to normal and by their last night in Edmonton neither felt fatigued.

“Don’t you think it’s weird how your Mom or Dad hasn’t noticed my ring?” Stana asked Nathan as they got ready for their second Christmas dinner, this time with his family. “We’ve been here five days and not once has either of them mentioned the massive diamond on my finger. I never wear rings it should be noticeable as hell.”

“Maybe they’re too busy looking into your beautiful green eyes to notice the ring.” Nathan suggested with a grin.

Stana rolled her eyes. “Suck hole.” She muttered. “I’m being serious though.”

“Well they don’t see you in person very often; they see you on TV more often than in real life.” Nathan reasoned. “Maybe they have noticed your ring but are so used to seeing you on screen with a ring on seeing you with one on in real life isn’t out of the ordinary for them.”

“Hmm possibly,” the brunette mused as she ran the brush through her shiny locks one more time. “How do I look? Presentable?”

“Beautiful,” Nathan replied circling her waist with his arms and pulling her in for a peck on the lips. “You’re always more than just presentable to me sweetheart.”

“Even in a corny ugly reindeer sweater?”

“Especially then, c’mon Jeff, Wendy and the girls should be here soon.”

Stana slipped her hand into her fiancé’s and together they left their bedroom and made their way down the hall to the main part of the house. The kitchen, dining and living rooms were festooned in the gaudiest of Christmas decorations from tinsel hanging from the ceiling, icicle lights artfully strung along the curtain rails, the enormous inflatable Santa that stood in the corner of the living room to the Christmas tree which was festooned in purple and gold baubles, tinsel, streamers and miniature candy canes. The alluring smell of turkey and roasted vegetables permeated the air as both Bob and Cookie bustled around the kitchen rushing to get everything ready for their evening meal.

“Would you like some help Cookie?” Stana asked.

“That would be lovely honey, can you baste the veggies with some turkey fat for me?” the older woman asked gratefully. “Another fifteen minutes and they’ll be ready.”

“Anything I can do Ma?” Nathan asked.

“Would you set the table and put some music on, darling? Jeffery rang five minutes ago and said he, Wendy and the girls were on their way.” Cookie said flashing her youngest son a wide smile.

“On it.”

Nathan made his way over the sound system in the living room and within seconds, cheery Christmas carols began playing. He then fetched the silver cutlery set his parents used for special occasions and began setting the table singing along to Jingle Bells loudly.

“Oh you’re singing badly on purpose!” Stana teased as she seized the Turkey baster and a pair of oven mitts. “Don’t try and snow us babe!”

Nathan let out a great snort of laughter. “That reminds me of a joke!” he announced. “What’s the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?”

Oh god, here we go.” Cookie groaned

Bob laughed.

“I don’t know babe....what is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?” Stana asked dryly.


Collectively, Stana, Cookie and Bob groaned loudly while Nathan roared with laughter.

“You tell worse Dad jokes than your father does!” Cookie teased pointing a spoon at her youngest son.

“How does Moses make tea?” Stana countered, deciding to get in on the act.

“He brews it!”

For a full twenty minutes Stana, Nathan and Bob continued to trade corny Dad jokes til a loud knock sounded at the front door.

“I’ll get it!” Nathan announced at once.

Nathan left the kitchen and bounced down the hallway to the front door. He checked the peephole then with a grin unbolted the door and swung it open to reveal Jeff, Wendy, Emma and Lex. The youngest of the girls Lex lit up and immediately dived into her uncle's arms.

“Uncle Nate!” she exclaimed. “Merry Christmas!”

Nathan hugged his youngest niece and ruffled her hair. “Merry Christmas to you too squirt.” He said. “Did you bring me presents?”

“No because Dad says you already have a fat head and showering you with presents would make it explode.” Lex said at once a huge grin spreading across his face.

“I did not say that!” Jeff interjected as Lex collapsed in a fit of giggles. “Hey brother.”

“Hey, how’s things?” Nathan asked as he embraced his brother and slapped him on the back. “Keeping busy?”

“Always do.” Jeff replied. “How was your vacation?”

“The best one ever.” Nathan informed his brother. “I put on fifty pounds and pickled my liver on gallons of rakija.

“Sounds like you were busy, did you bring any Rakija back for your favourite brother?”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “You’re my only brother, dumbass,” he groaned as Stana made her way out of the kitchen to greet the new arrivals.

“Stana darling!” Jeff exclaimed embracing his brother’s partner enthusiastically. “How was your vacation? You had to put up with my brother the whole time.”

“Oh, he was alright.” Stana replied with a grin as she allowed Jeff to kiss her on each cheek. “He made the bed each morning and cleaned up after himself.”

“Really?” Jeff exclaimed in mock surprise. “Where’d you learn that?”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “Har har.” He groaned, giving his brother a playful shove toward the living room.

“Hey Stana, how was your Vacation?” Emma asked Stana as the group made their way further into the house.

“Great.” Stana replied happily. “The best I’ve ever had, yours?”

“Same, just got back from a few days of skiing with my bestie’s family. They own a holiday home in Banff.”

“I love Banff....my family and I used to go there when I was small.” Stana replied. “My Mom, Sister and I would spend most of our time ice skating and hooning about on skidoos while the boys would ski and snowboard. I haven’t been in ages though.”

“We all ought to go next Winter!” Emma said. “As a whole family, like Honduras. But with Nanna and Pop as well.”

“Well it’s far enough ahead that Nate and I could probably fit it in our schedule,” Stana informed the young woman. “Next Christmas we’ll be spending it with you guys so maybe we can spend Christmas in Edmonton then drive up to Banff for a week or so.”

“That sounds awesome.”

After the greetings and pleasantries were over all the food was placed on the table and the entire Fillion family sat down at the dining table to have their own Christmas celebration. Grace was said and everyone started to serve up his or her meal.

“Before everyone starts eating I’d like to say something.” Nathan announced.

Every eye at the table turned to the actor.

“I said earlier this Christmas vacation was the best I’ve ever experienced for a reason.” He began. “Just after midnight on New Year’s Day....I kinda asked Stana to marry me and she kinda said yes.”

There was a split second of silence before a volley of whoops filled the air. Emma, Lex and Wendy let out a collective squeal, Cookie clapped her hands together and Jeff and Bob shared an enthusiastic high five.

“Oh this is awesome!” Lex exclaimed shrilly her bright blue eyes alive with happiness. “Congratulations guys!”

“Thanks a lot Lex.” Stana replied with a wide smile. “This is the ring Nate gave me.”

There were several ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as Each person at the table inspected the ring Nathan gave her. Eventually though the excitement died down and the group began their belated Christmas celebrations.

“I wouldn’t care if I received no presents, finding out you two are getting married tops anything.” Lex announced as she dipped a forkful of turkey in a pool of gravy.

“Well that’s good because we didn’t get you anything.” Nathan joked, a wide grin plastered across his face.

“Oh Nate, don’t tease her!” Stana exclaimed as Lex rolled her eyes. “That’s mean and not at all in the Christmas spirit!”

“It’s alright, I know he was joking.” Lex informed the brunette with an amused giggle. “He’s made that joke before, so when you think about it it’s not really funny.”

“Oh burn brother, d’you want some ice on that?” Jeff asked with a snort of laughter.

“Yeah yeah yeah, I get it I deserved that.” Nathan groused as he winked at his niece. “I’ll work on my material and dazzle you with my comedic genius when we catch up at Easter.”

“Bet you fifty bucks it won’t be anything I haven’t heard before.” Lex challenged with a grin. “Go on Uncle Nate, surprise me.”

Oooooooh.” Stana said with a laugh. “I’m torn babe, I don’t know who I should be rooting for.”

“I would’ve thought that answer was obvious.” Nathan replied jutting out his bottom lip comically.

“I’m going to be Switzerland on this one.” Stana informed her partner. “Sorry hun. However I will enjoy hearing the material you come up with.”

“I’m not entirely sure that’s being as neutral as you could be hon.”

“Eh neutral schmeutral.” Stana responded with a shrug of her shoulders. “Pass the potatoes?”


After a hearty meal, the leftovers and dirty dishes were cleaned up and the family moved into the living room to distribute presents. Stana pinched one of the cushions from the sofa a foofed it up before putting it between Nathan’s legs and leaning back into his embrace.

“Can we go first?” she asked with the eagerness of a small child. “Please?

“How old are you?” Nathan asked in amusement.

“You’re the one asking her that?” Jeff piped up. “What happened to you in Serbia and Croatia?”

“Too much home distilled Rakija.” Stana joked.

“Oh you drank as much as I did.” Nathan shot back.

“You two go first honey.” Cookie told Stana with a smile. “We can see how eager you are.”

“Great.” Stana responded as she wiggled over the pile of presents she and Nathan had brought for his family. “We did most of our shopping in Serbia and Croatia, Srećan Božić everyone!”

With Nathan watching on, his baby blue eyes full of love and adoration Stana distributed presents to everyone in the family.

“All of this looks like you had to get another suitcase.” Wendy commented as they all ripped into the boxes Stana had given them.

“Too much for a single suitcase, we paid extra freight and put it in a padded box.” Stana replied as she settled back into Nathan’s arms. “We did so much shopping in both Serbia and Croatia we had to send all of it home via FedEx. I always go shopping when I visit Serbia and Croatia but this time I went a bit over the top. It’s Nate’s fault really, every time we went to a mall, market, art gallery or the local Mom and Pop general store-I would see something and say hey would Jeff like that? Or would your Mom like that? And almost every time I bought it.”

“If she had bought everything we would’ve had to charter an A380 to get everything home.” Nathan said dryly.

“Oh I did not buy that much!” Stana exclaimed, elbowing her fiancé in the ribs. “Don’t lie!”

“Is this Rakija?” Bob asked as he unwrapped a plain glass bottle with a label handwritten in cyrillic script.

“It is.” Stana replied. “My parents distilled from the plum trees at our holiday home in Vrilka three summers ago. It’s been in our scullery since then.”

“It tastes awesome.” Nathan added as Jeff and Emma unwrapped their own bottle. “But I warn you-it will knock you on your ass. It did for me several times.”

“It’ll take pride of place in the liquor cabinet.” Bob said at once. “Maybe we can have a shot of it as a nightcap?”

“Sounds good.”

“Oooh a cookbook!” Cookie exclaimed as she unwrapped an inch thick hardcover book.

“It’s my Mom’s cookbook.” Stana explained. “She has this enormous book at home full of handwritten notes, all in Cyrillic script of recipes handed down from her grandmother and mother. I sat down and translated them all into English and paid a book binder to make it into a book. It’s all traditional Serbian recipes, vegetarian, poultry, fish, red meat and I even included a recipe for Dusan’s sour dough bread. You can eat like a Serb with what’s within those pages.”

“Thank you honey, it’s a very thoughtful gift.” Cookie replied in a watery voice. “I’ll most definitely use this, maybe next time you and Nathan visit I can try and impress.”

“Sounds great.”

“Is it too early to eat one of these?” Lex asked as she unwrapped a box of orange flavoured chocolates.

“No, go ahead sweetie.” Stana told the teen encouragingly. “Keep them out of Nate’s reach, he scoffed two entire boxes while we were in Croatia alone.”

“Now that’s a lie.” Nathan complained, his cheeks turning a magnificent shade of scarlet. “You helped me eat some.”

“I ate two you Hoover.” Stana teased.

“That’s still not me eating two entire boxes on my own.”

“Are you two always like this?” Jeff questioned the bickering pair.

“Pretty much.” Nathan replied with a grin as he gave Stana a squeeze. “It’s all good fun.”

“Loads of fun.” Stana added. “Okay who’s turn next?”


Just like their Christmas celebration in Belgrade with Teo, the belated Fillion get together went well into the early hours of the morning. Eventually though after much eating and drinking and showman construction Jeff, Wendy, Lex and Emma left and Bob and Cookie went to bed.

“Fancy a hot bath before we head to bed?” Stana asked her finance tipsily as they wandered down the hallway to their bedroom.

“Yeah that sounds great.” Nathan replied cheerfully. “I’ve had a great night honey. We ought to do this all the time.”

“You’re drunk.” Stana informed him with a giggle. “It would get boring if we did it all the time. How about we leave it to once a year?”

“Yeah that’d probably be best.” Nathan concluded with a sigh as they reached their bedroom. “C’mon let’s get our clothes off!”

Stana laughed and pulled her fiancé in for a hug. “I love you.” She said. “And I’ve had the best Christmas ever because of you. Thank you so much.”

Nathan returned the hug. “That’s alright darling heart.” He murmured. “I love you too.”

“Back to reality tomorrow, huh?” Stana said with a sigh.

“Yeah, that blows ass.” Nathan replied. “I’ve enjoyed these past couple of weeks in our own little cocoon.”

“It’ll be good to see everyone again though.” Stana said as she pulled off her sweater. “I’ve missed them.”

“How are we going to let people know we’re getting married?” Nathan wondered, ogling her as she pulled off her shirt and undid her bra. “People are going to notice your ring.”

“How about we only tell those people who already know about us to start with?” Stana suggested as she wiggled out of her jeans. “And I’ll wear my ring on a necklace or leave it at home when we’re at the studio or on location?”

“You’d be alright not wearing your ring?” Nathan asked softly. “I know you’re already used to wearing it.”

“I want to preserve the privacy of our relationship babe and if that means not wearing my ring in public-I’ll do it.” Stana replied scooping up her clothed and dropping them on a nearby chair. “I know at some point in the future we’ll have to go public but for now I’m alright with not wearing my ring in public.”

“Do what you think is best and I’ll support you.” Nathan informed his fiancée. “Just let me be the one to put it back on you finger when you wear it, huh?”

Stana smiled. “Deal.” She said. “Now hurry up and strip off. I want you to join me in the bath.”


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28 November 2015 @ 09:44 pm
A/N1: Thanks for all the review peoples! Now you find out Stana's answer! (Like you didn't know in the first place haha)

Stana stood in front of Nathan gaping at him in pure incredulity as the fireworks continued to pop, hiss, whistle and bang above them. She opened her mouth then closed it several times before Nathan spoke.

“Uh babe?” he said in amusement. “Can I have an answer? My knee is getting sore and my arms are starting to ache.”

These words seemed to snap Stana out of her reverie and she helped Nathan to his feet.
Isus Christ!” (Jesus Christ!) she muttered. “You’re really proposing, aren’t you?”

“I am.” Nathan replied. “And I mean every single word of it.”

“You do?”

“Uh huh.”

Stana inspected the ring Nathan had bought for her then gave a little squeal before bouncing around in a circle. This buoyed his mood and his hopes soared.

“So you like it?” he asked hopefully. “I saw it in a little shop in town.”

“Oh Nate, it’s beautiful.” Stana breathed taking it out of the little velvet box and holding it up in the air so he bright colours of the fireworks made it sparkle.

Nathan gave Stana several long moments to inspect the ring before he broke the silence. “Um....sweetheart?” he said hesitatingly. “C-can I h-have an answer? Do you need to think at all? Please?”

After a moment Stana smiled. “No I don’t need to think,” She said happy tears welling in her eyes. “Da, da ću se udati za tebe.” (Yes, yes I will marry you)

Nathan made a face as he tried to translate what Stana had said to him. “So you’re saying yes?” he asked.

Stana nodded. “Da ću se udati za tebe means ‘yes I will marry you.” She said with a happy laugh. “I figured as you asked me to be your wife in Serbian I would agree to be your wife in Serbian.”

Nathan gently prised the ring from his now fiancée's hands and Stana held out her right hand.
“Serb orthodox followers wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger.” She explained at his confusion. “It’s based on a biblical belief but on a cold hilltop in the middle of winter Orthodox bibles tend to be thin on the ground and I can’t recall the text off by heart.”

Nathan gently slipped the ring onto her finger then pressed a kiss to her lips. “Shut up.” He whispered as the last of the fireworks fizzled out.

Stana melted into Nathan’s embrace with a little moan; she lifted up her hands and poked her fingers up under the hem of his beanie to rake his scalp, then tickle the back of his neck. In turn the actor slid his hands down his fiancée's back and cupped her backside lifting her off the cold, hard ground slightly. Eventually the newly engaged couple parted but remained pressed up against each other, the smell of burnt out fireworks lingering in the air.

“We missed the boy’s fireworks,” Stana murmured as she rested her head on his chest.

“Yeah, we did.” Nathan replied. “You care?”

“Nuh uh, fireworks happen all the time.” Stana informed him. “I like our own brand of fireworks. Maybe later on when everyone’s gone and we head to bed we can do our own type of sparkling.”

Nathan chuckled. “If I have the energy, I’m all over that.” He informed her in amusement. “I think the adrenaline rush I’ve had is all night is starting to wane. I can wait though. I’ve had the best night irrespective of whatever happens from now on.”

“So what are we going to tell everyone?” Stana asked after a moment of silent contemplation. “Everyone’s going to notice my ring. And I would prefer to take people aside and tell them privately as opposed to announcing it in front of the entire family.”

“We can wait til everyone has gone home then tell your family.” Nathan suggested. “Or we can take aside all the people you want to know as tell them under the promise they don’t say anything to anyone outside the family.”

“I can’t not tell Jelena and ring her later.” Stana said. “She’s my best friend and she would kill me if I didn’t tell her right now. I trust her to keep things quiet though.”

“Tell who you trust and I’m good with that.” Nathan told her softly. “Maybe in the meantime wear those woolly gloves you bought in Novi Sad.”

“There’s an idea....so are we going to wait til we get to Edmonton to tell your family?” Stana asked. “Or do you want to ring them once they’ve celebrated the New Year?”

“Let’s wait til we get to Edmonton,” Nathan suggested with a grin. “I want to see how long it takes Mom to notice your ring.”

“Oh you’re evil.” Stana teased giving her fiancé a playful shove. “She’s going to kill you.”

“Eh, most likely.” Nathan responded with a shrug and a grin. “But I’m her baby and she loves you so I doubt she’ll kill me for long.”

Nathan and Stana spent another half an hour in their special hidey spot before returning to the family party which had resumed after the excitement of the midnight countdown. Stana had pulled on her gloves so the new addition so her hand wasn’t noticed and due to the freezing weather outside no one questioned the extra clothing. Vanya asked Nathan to teach her how to make s’mores and very quickly the actor became very popular with all the kids in the family as he instructed them on making the sticky and sweet campfire treat.

Not able to wait any longer Stana pulled Jelena aside into the downstairs room Nik and Teo were sharing and shut the door behind them.

“Vot are you doing?” Jelena asked in confusion as Stana bounced around her cousin and clapped her hands.

Stana ripped off her glove and shoved her hand in her cousin’s face. “POGLEDATI!” (LOOK AT THIS!) She screeched. “Vidi, vidi , vidi, vidi!” (Look, look, look, look!)

Jelena took Stana’s hand and inspected the shiny new addition instantly a dawning look of realisation spread across her face and she leapt into her cousin’s arms.

“He PROPOSED?” She trilled. “O bože!” (Oh my god!)

Stana immediately shushed her cousin. “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She hissed covering her mouth.

Jelena immediately silenced herself but couldn’t help but let out a little squeal. “Vhen?” she demanded. “Tell me everysink!

“Well we took a bottle of champagne up to the lookout and kissed our way into the New Year then he literally got down onto one knee and asked me to be his wife-in Serbian.” Stana revealed. “Oh God, Jel. I had no idea he was even thinking of proposing but the minute he got down on one knee I knew what he was going to do he said this....I know we haven’t been together very long in the whole scheme of things. But I need you to know how much I love you. How much I’ve always loved you. Right from the beginning when I trimmed your shirt at the final audition, to that time last year when you tripped up and face planted that lasagne at craft service til now when we kissed our way into twenty fifteen. I don’t want any of that to end. I want to experience you and everything with you for the rest of my life. I want to deal with all the good stuff and all the bad stuff....and I only want to do it with you. Sooooo.... Stana hoćeš li se udati za mene?”

Jelena swooned visibly. “Oh zat’s so romantic!” she exclaimed. “Zis ring is prelepo!” (beautiful!)

“I know, isn’t it?” Stana swooned. “It was everything I imagined it to be. And now I want to get married now like seriously if there was a priest here tonight I would want to get married.”

Jelena threw her head back and laughed. “Haff you told Nathan zis?” she asked, her green eyes shining in amusement.

“Of course,” Stana replied. “We spent another half an hour after midnight up on the hill talking about how we got to this point in our lives. We haven’t talked about when we want to get married as it dates but we have discussed about doing it soon. We wasted so much time before Jel-we don’t want to waste anymore time. I don’t know when we’ll actually do it maybe when filming wraps in April?”

“Vill you marry in America, here or Serbia?” Jelena asked.

“I want to do it over the lake in the monastery.” Stana confessed. “I’ve dreamed about getting married there since I was a little girl and I’m not going to let what happened to be six months ago sour that dream. Nate is the love of my life and I want us to begin at that altar. But venue for the reception, who we get to perform the ceremony and honeymoon will be for later discussions.”

Once again Jelena hugged her cousin. “I am so happy for you darleenk!” she said happy tears welling in her eyes. “You and Nathan make the most perfect couple.”

“Hvala.” Stana said returning the hug. “For the time being can you keep this information to yourself? Especially from your Mama? I want to Tell Mama, Tata, Nik, Teo, Dush, Mark and Gi before anyone else.”

“I promise I’ll be qviet.” Jelena promised. “Tell Nathan congratulations and zat I am happy for both of you.”

“Will do.”


The Katics and their extended family celebrated the coming of the New Year well into the night. By two o’clock people had started leaving and by three the house was totally empty. Marko and Nik extinguished the bonfire and turned off the outside lights before joining the rest of the family around the kitchen table for a coffee.

“Best-New-Year’s-Eve-Ever.” Nathan announced as he wrapped his fingers around his mug.

“Slažem se!” (I agree!) Dusan agreed drunkenly as he leaned tiredly against Sera.

“And all that remains is a shit ton of dishes, yay.” Gigi added dryly.

“They can wait,” Peter said as he put an arm around Rada who was struggling to stay awake. “We all worked so hard to get tonight ready it’s not going to hurt if we wait a day to clean up.”

“Before we all crash for the night I would like to say something.” Stana piped up after swallowing a mouthful of tea.

Every eye turned to face the suddenly nervous brunette.

NathanaskedmetomarryhimanIsaidyes.” She blurted out.

“Well that was eloquent,” Nathan said with a great snort of laughter.

“Da-hell?” Marko mumbled.

“Nate-asked-me-to-marry-him-and-I-said-yes.” Stana repeated a little slower this time.

Stana thought the sound Jelena made was loud but the collective reaction of her family made nothing less than audibly painful. She clapped her hands over her ears as all her siblings and mother leapt out of their chairs and engulfed her (and Nathan) in a group hug.

“Well if we said we were surprised, we’d all be lying.” Dusan informed his sister. “Congratulations guys.”

“Welcome to the family,” Gigi added, speaking directly to Nathan.

“We’re not going to give you the ‘hurt our sister and we’ll kill you’ talk because we know you wouldn’t do that in a million years.” Marko announced looking Nathan directly in the eyes. “You’re the reason our sister is happy again. And we’re all grateful for that.”

“Definitely not going to hurt her.” Nathan said with a smile as he flashed a furtive wink at his new fiancée.

“Tata....you knew he was going to propose, didn’t you?” Stana asked her father who was the only one who hadn’t leapt up out of his seat to congratulate the newly engaged pair.

“I may have had an idea.” The Katic patriarch replied the tiniest of smiles forming on his lips. “But that story is a private one, for Nathan to tell you when you’re alone. I will say I was with him when he bought the ring though.”

“That ring is gorgeous!” Gigi exclaimed taking her sister’s hand and inspecting the ring. “God you have great taste Nathan.”

“Yeah I know.” The actor replied cockily, chuckling at his own wit. “But thanks. It was a special project of the jeweller. He said he spent hours making it.”

“Is it white gold?”



Stana and Nathan stayed up another half an hour celebrating their engagement with the rest of the Katics before exhaustion hit them and they retired to their bedroom. Stana hastily took off her makeup them stripped off (Leaving her clothes in a puddle on the floor) before throwing back the covers and collapsing into bed. Nathan followed suit, turning off the room light and getting into bed beside her.

“I still can’t believe you proposed to me.” She said snuggling up to him.

“I can.” Nathan replied in an amused tone.

“So are you going to tell me the story Tata mentioned downstairs?” Stana asked through the darkness. “If he was with you when you bought the ring that means you had to have gotten it the other day when you went to pick up the booze and ribs from town. You haven’t spent any time alone with him otherwise.”

“Mmm I did.” Nathan replied sleepily. “We had picked up the booze and were going to have a pint of pivo before stopping off at the butcher’s but he had to run an errand for your Mom before we did that. I waited for him in front of the little jewellery shop in the main street and was looking at your ring in the window when he appeared behind me and said “you know if you were to propose to her Rada and I would give our blessing’. Prior to that day I hadn’t specifically considered asking you to marry me but I knew I didn’t want to spend a minute more apart from you. I went into the shop and asked the jeweller if I could look at the ring and it was then I knew I wanted to ask you to marry me. I can’t imagine another day, minute second away from you. I want you to know I love you more than anything else in the world even though it wasn’t planned sweetheart I meant every word I said during my speech, every-single-word.”

Stana felt for him though the dark and pressed her lips to his. “I know you did.” She murmured. “And that’s why I said yes. I love you so much babe and I can’t imagine spending any more time apart either. I don’t care you didn’t plan the proposal, it was everything I hoped it would be.”


“Yeah it was, I’ll forever remember this New Year’s Eve as the best ever.”


Three days later Nathan and Stana packed up all their belongings in preparation for the road trip back to Dubrovnik from where they would fly to Edmonton via Zagreb and Amsterdam. Nathan loaded their bags into the back of their hire car where Rada and the rest of Stana’s family were hovering.

“You ring your Mama when you get to Edmonton devojčica (baby girl) won’t you?” Peter said to his eldest daughter as he embraced her.

“I will Tata, promise.” Stana replied returning the hug enthusiastically. “It might be late though.”

“That does not matter; we just need to know you got to your destination safe.” Peter reminded her. “And have a safe trip home to Los Angeles, alright?”

“Will do Tata.”

Rada was the next person to embrace the brunette the force of her hug belying her small stature.

“Ooof.” Stana said, grunting a little as her mother squeezed her. “Mama, you’re going to break me, or at least bruise a couple of ribs.”

“O ćuti.” (Oh shush) Rada scolded. “I am just going to miss you sweetheart, these past couple of weeks is the most I’ve spent with you in a long time.”

“You’ll see me again soon Mama, I promise.” Stana informed her mother. “When we’re all back home I’ll ring and you can come down for the weekend, or maybe earlier to see me and Nathan on set.”

Rada raised an eyebrow and grinned. “And which home will your father and I stay in this visit hmmmmm?” she questioned in amusement.

Stana blushed. “Whichever house you stay in Nate and I will both be there.” She said. “I’ll probably be moving in with him you know, I can’t go back to my place after what happened.”

“Don’t think too much about the past devojčica.” Rada told her eldest daughter softly. “Your future is with that sweet man. Do what makes you feel happy, let him help you heal.”

“I will. I am Mama.” Stana replied embracing her mother once more as Teodor came forward to farewell her. “I’ll ring once I get to Edmonton alright?”

“Alright sweetheart.”


After spending half an hour farewelling her parents and siblings Stana climbed into the driver’s seat of her and Nathan’s rental and started the engine.

“Vozi oprezno draga” (drive safe darling) Peter called. “See you soon.”

“See you soon Tata.”

And with a wave to her family and a honk of the horn Nathan and Stana began their journey back down south to Dubrovnik.


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A/N1: Hello peoples and WELCOME to the 37th Chapter of TWFAF. This chapter contains loads of feels....that is all :D


Nathan was the first to wake the following morning, the final day of 2014 and the excitement of the coming party and nervousness of proposing to Stana washed over him with a great walloping crash. He grinned and sleepily rolled over to look at his still slumbering girlfriend. Her brunette locks were sprawled out on her pillow in a tangle of knots and a little line of drool had dried on her cheek.

Nathan smiled then leaned down and pressed a kiss to her temple. “Dobro jutro dragi srce.” (Good morning darling heart) he murmured running his hand down her side and cupping her backside in his hand. “Wakey wakey.”

Stana’s nose crinkled and she slowly woke from her deep slumber. “Mmmf morning babe.” She mumbled. “Not gonna ‘pen my eyes. Still sleepy.

“You don’t have to get up yet-it's still early, just after eight,” Nathan said. “I think everyone’s having a sleep in today, I can’t smell anything from the kitchen so I don’t think Dusan is up.”

“Let’s stay in bed aaaaaaaaaaall day,” Stana suggested sleepily. “Sleep and sex.”

Nathan laughed. “In that particular order?” he asked in amusement. “I love both those things and will be happy to do them in any order.”

Stana laughed then stretched. “Ha ha.” She said dryly through a huge yawn.

“Morning,” Nathan repeated as Stana opened her eyes.

“Hey,” She said. “D’you sleep alright?”

“Uh huh, bit sore from moving all that wood yesterday but nothing a hot shower and mild painkiller won’t fix.” Nathan replied. “Want to conserve water and get soapy with me?”

Stana’s eyes sparkled. “You just want to touch my boobs.” She joked.

Nathan wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Yes I do.” He admitted. “I want to touch much more than your boobs darling if you’ll let me.”

Stana’s eyes sparkled. “If we get up now we’ll have enough time to....you know....” She purred.

“I’ve never been more eager for an early morning start,” Nathan declared throwing back the covers with a flourish and leaping out of bed enthusiastically.

Stana’s eyes travelled down to her boyfriend’s crotch and she licked her lips lasciviously. “I could easily wake up to you doing that every morning.” She said getting out of bed with much less alacrity than her partner.

“Well there is a way to rectify that....” Nathan wheedled.

“Maybe in the new year,” Stana placated throwing on her bathrobe and grabbing her towel. “C’mon Mr Eager. Time to get clean....”

“If you’re there I’m much more likely to get dirty.” Nathan replied as he pulled on his own robe.

Stana rolled her eyes. “You’re a naughty boy Nathan Fillion,” she said patting his backside. “I think I ought to spank you.”

“Lead me to the bathroom and I will put myself across your knee.” Nathan informed her. “You can spank me all day I promise.”

“Oh brother.”


Despite the length of time Stana and Nathan spent in the shower they were the first to make it downstairs for breakfast. Stana set a pot of coffee to brew and Nathan started cooking bacon. poached and scrambled eggs, fried tomato and fried mushrooms. Stana stood back and watched her partner move effortlessly around the kitchen whistling a miscellaneous tune as he prepared everyone’s morning meal.

Nathan noticed and paused. “Staring is rude you know,” he joked.

Stana smiled and dipped her eyes. “Well excuuuuuuse me,” she replied. “You getting busy in the kitchen is attractive, so I like to stare.”

“Getting ‘busy’ huh?” Nathan said with a smirk. “You do have a way with word Miss Katic.”

Stana blushed as her partner patted her backside affectionately. “I’m going to make toast.” She announced. “Stop patting my ass or you’ll burn the bacon.”

“Yes dear.”

Stana turned away from her partner and fetched a loaf of Dusan’s sourdough bread from the bread bin she was halfway through slicing it up when the first of her siblings, Marko made an appearance.

“Morning lovebirds,” he mumbled sleepily as he poured himself a mug of coffee.

“Morning,” Stana replied cheerfully. “Hungry?”

“Yeah-starving,” Marko replied stirring cream into his drink. “I could easily have stayed in bed but the call of bacon roused me from my slumber.”

“Won’t be too long,” Nathan said cheerfully.

By the time Nathan had finished cooking all the eggs and bacon everyone in the Katic family had made their way downstairs. Stana placed an enormous platter of garlic bread on the table and Nathan followed with the platter of eggs and bacon.

Jesti!” (Eat!) he announced.

With a collective murmur of thanks everyone at the table dug in.

“You brate are a culinary genius,” Marko declared several minutes later. “You need to come on all family vacations to cook. This is great.”

“You want me to come on family vacations just to cook?” Nathan questioned in amusement. “I like to think I bring much more to the table than eggs and bacon.”

“Well there are several reasons we’d all like you to come on vacation with us again but bacon and eggs is one of them.” Marko replied with a grin as he shovelled more bacon and poached eggs onto his plate. “But now that we know you can really cook you’ll be put on kitchen duty with Mama and Dusan.”

“Can’t disagree with that,” Dusan piped up thickly. “This is really good brother, seriously.”



After breakfast the dishes were quickly cleared away and Dusan and Rada began preparing the food for that evening’s party. Marko, Teo, Nik, Gigi and Peter piled into two cars and set off to pick up the remaining fireworks so Nathan and Stana were left to their own devices. She retrieved her nail polish kit from her and Nathan’s bedroom and sat in front of the fire ready to paint her finger and toe nails and he grabbed a book (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as it were) and sat down behind her to read.

“You know when you concentrate-you stick the tip of your tongue out the side of your mouth and scowl,” Nathan commented as he looked up and saw Stana concentrating hard on applying a base coat to her right index finger. “It’s kinda cute.”

Stana smiled but didn’t avert her eyes from her task at hand. “When you concentrate you bite your top lip and hiss like a snake.” She countered. “I should keep my cell phone handy and film you doing it one day.”

“I do not hiss like a snake!” Nathan exclaimed.

“You do,” Stana said. “Not through your mouth, you breathe so hard through your nose it sounds like a snake hissing. I think it’s because your nose hair is too long and needs trimming.”

“Oh that’s nice!” Nathan exclaimed as Stana giggled shrilly. “If you weren’t painting your nails, I would throw a cushion at you.”

You can get back at me tonight once we go to bed,” Stana murmured so only he could hear her. “Maybe a pillow fight might be in order.”

“Not that I’m adverse to that idea....” Nathan began. “But by the time we get to bed, we’re going to be so drunk-we’re going to have issues getting up the stairs to our room let alone able to partake in a pillow fight.”

“Oh yeah, didn’t think about that.” Stana said sheepishly. “Oh well, maybe the next night when we’ve sobered up.”

“You’re on."


It took Stana half an hour to paint her nails properly in a deep shade of maroon she then sprayed her nails with a quick dry spray and say shaking her hands to speed up the drying process just as Nathan put down his book and stretched luxuriously like a cat in the sun revealing his abdomen when his shirt rode up.

“Can you stretch a little more?” Stana asked with a grin. “I wanna see a little more of your tummy.”

Nathan grinned and obligingly lifted up his shirt to reveal his stomach which had started to tone up thanks to his recent intensive fitness regime.

Stana eyed him off appreciatively and licked her lips. “Nice.” She said with a grin. “Give it a few more minutes and I’ll be able to poke you.”

Nathan laughed. “That’s a euphemism,” he said tucking his shirt back in and pulling down his sweater. “I know you sweetheart.”

Stana grinned. “You do,” She said. “Better than anyone else in my family or circle of friends I think. That’s nice. I honestly don’t think I’ve been with anyone that I’ve connected to well on such a cellular level before.”

This bit of news surprised Nathan. “Really?” he exclaimed in surprise.

“Yeah, I’ve had boyfriends in the past and thought I got them and they got me but in hindsight I don’t think they did. Not like you get me anyway,” Stana mused. “I never really used to take stock in the whole soul mate/there’s someone for everyone thing but I suppose now I do.”

“You never got the whole soulmate thing?” Nathan exclaimed in surprise. “By nature you are one of the most romantic people I have ever met. You’re into chick flicks and chick lit that are the epitome of soul mate porn and you never really got it? Wow have I been reading you wrong.”

“It’s not that I didn’t get it, I didn’t understand it on a personal level.” Stana replied. “I think until you experience something yourself-good or bad you can’t really understand the impact of it. Now that I have I believe in it wholeheartedly.... get me?”

“Yeah I do,” Nathan replied leaning forward and massaging her shoulders. “Want me to do your toenails?”

“Have you experience in this area?” Stana asked in amusement.

“Of course, I have nieces and I have painted women’s toenails before.” Nathan replied at once. “Painted the toenails of an ex once.”

“Can I paint yours?” she asked with a snort of laughter. “I have maroon here or metallic green in my makeup case in our room.”

“Maroon.” Nathan said at once. “It’ll match yours and is more of a manly colour.”

Stana let out a snort of laughter. “Yeah, you can paint my toes,” She told him. “But it has to be maroon, to match my fingers.”

“Deal.” Nathan said with a smile, leaning forward to peck her on the lips.


Both Stana and Nathan had an extraordinarily lazy day in the house. He painted her toenails and she painted his and they spent much of the afternoon lying on the sofa dozing and smooching. They offered to help Rada and Dusan in the kitchen but each time they were waved away and told (by Rada) to ‘continue smooching on the couch’. Her mother’s instruction mortified Stana and she collapsed on the couch hiding her red face in her hands.

Ohmigodican’tbeleivemamatoldustosmooch!” she groaned.

“Well to be fair sweetheart, we have spent much of the day locking lips. She’s probably walked in on us more than once and not said anything because she didn’t want to disturb us.” Nathan reasoned. “You’re cute when you blush, you know.”

That compliment served only to make Stana blush harder. “Don’t be an ass.” She mumbled elbowing him in the side.

Nathan wrapped an arm around his partner’s shoulders and kissed her on the temple. “Volim te srce.” (I love you sweetheart) he murmured.

“I ja tebe volim dragi.” (I love you too darling)


Teo, Nik, Marko, Gigi and Peter arrived back at the house shortly after four in the afternoon and the final preparations for that evening’s party went into full swing. The boys set about setting up the fireworks on the bank of the lake and Stana and Gigi helped by lighting the veranda heaters, starting the bonfire and setting the table. Rada kept an eye on the spit roast meat and Peter helped Dusan finish off the last of the food. Jelena, Petar, Vanya and Alexander were the first to arrive at 6PM and within minutes the party was in full swing. Upon her arrival Jelena volunteered to supervise the meat on the spit and swept Stana away for some girl talk.

“I am going to haff to come and visit you in America soon,” she said as she dipped a pastry brush into the bowl of barbecue sauce Rada had made. “I don’t see you often enough.”

“You won’t see me much while I’m filming,” Stana responded as she watched her cousin paint the ribs with the sauce. “Between July and April I often have twelve sometimes sixteen hour days.”

“But I vould still see you,” Jelena pressed on. “I see you once a year, hardly enough. I miss you.”

Stana smiled and slung an arm around her cousin’s shoulders. “I miss you too, sweet.” She said. “You could always immigrate to the States. I’m sure there would be plenty of law firms over there that would snap you and Petar up.”

“Hmm mebbe.” Jelena said thoughtfully. “ve haff actually been considering zat.”

“Immigrating?” Stana exclaimed in surprise. “I never thought you’d leave Serbia.”

“Ah circumstances change.” Jelena proclaimed. “I luff Serbia, always vill but I ant Alex and Vanya to see more of the vorld and both Petar and I vant a change. Ve are sinking about Canada, ve haff a lot of family and friends zere.”

“Well I certainly wouldn’t complain if you moved to Canada,” Stana informed her cousin in amusement. “It’s much closer to California than Belgrade. Do what you think is right for you and your family. I’ll come and see you wherever you live.”

Jelena smiled and gave her favourite cousin a one armed hug. “Hvala,” she said happily. “And another upside to moving to Canada is that I’ll be closer vhen you and Nathan start haffing your own babies.”

Stana rolled her eyes and groaned. “Oh you with me and Nate having babies.” She groaned. “I think you’re broody and want more ‘babies’ yourself.”

“Eh zat is true.” Jelena confessed with a grin. “Maybe if you two move your pušaka (butts) we could haff babies together.”

“Jel, we’re not even married yet.” Stana pointed out as her cousin collapsed in a fit of giggles. “I want to get married before I even think about having kids besides my contract with ABC is up at the end of April and I have to think about whether or not to resign. That’s my biggest priority at the moment.”

“Are you second guessing?” Jelena exclaimed incredulously. “Second guessing Castle?

“I wouldn’t call it second guessing as such.” Stana replied. “I just want to make sure continuing on past season seven is the right thing for the character and by extension me. You know me it’s all about the art not the money. I would rather be paid a pittance and have a great job than be in a shit job and be paid millions. Before I resign I want to know what the plan for my character the writers have for a possible season eight. If I’m satisfied their vision matches mine I won’t hesitate to sign on the dotted line.”

“Zat’s very sensible,” Jelena conceded. “Vell maybe vhen you sign or not sign on the dotted line you and Nathan can make some babies.”

Stana rolled her eyes again. “Oh you are obsessed,” she said with a giggle, giving her cousin a playful shove. “You could say we’re practicing though.”

“You’re haffing lots of sex.” Jelena guessed with a grin.

Stana went bright red. “Every day.” She murmured. “Every morning, every night, we’ve had to wash our bed linen three times since we’ve been here because of....well you geddit.

Jelena instantly went bright red and pursed her lips together in an effort to withhold her laughter. “You are joking with me!” she tittered.

“I’m not.” Stana replied. “Oh god Jel, the other night he made me lose-my freakin’-mind. I swear I passed out.”

Jelena couldn’t help it and burst into a fit of giggles. “That good hmmmm?” she asked in amusement.

“Yeah, that good.” Stana replied fervently. “He always gets me off before letting me get him off, I don’t want to sound crass or anything but it’s seriously the best sex I’ve ever had. I don’t know what I’m going to do once we head home to the States and have to go back to our own homes.”

“Ah I haff a feelink there might not be ‘your own homes’ for much longer,” Jelena suggested. “You and Nathan are soul mates Stana, soul mates can’t be apart from each other for very long.”

Stana rested her head on her cousin’s shoulder and sighed. “Yeah I know,” she said dreamily. “God what’s happening with me? I have never been this lovesick before.”

“Vell you’ve never been properly in love before, haff you?” Jelena reasoned. “Of course you’re going to feel zis way about Nathan. It’s good to see you being so happy and haffing the time of your life. I sink you two vill be together a long time.”

“I think we will too,” Stana confessed. “I will admit I have wondered what it would be like to me Mrs Nathan Fillion.”

Jelena grinned. “Big vhite dress and a horse drawn carriage?” she said with a snort.

“Well not quite the horse drawn carriage,” Stana confessed. “But definitely the big white dress. But honestly I’m in no hurry. I’m finally with a man I love with my whole heart and just being with him is enough. I don’t necessarily need to get married to be happy.”

Jelena put an arm around Stana and have her a squeeze. “Tako sam srećna zbog tebe rođaka,” (I’m so happy for you cousin.) she said.

Stana smiled. “Hvala Lutka.” (Thanks doll)


By 10pm the New Year’s Eve party was in full swing. Food was plentiful the alcohol was flowing. Music was thumping out of the sound system in the living room and Stana’s brothers had taken it upon themselves to rearrange the furniture in the living room to create a makeshift dance floor. Teo had procured a ping pong ball and together with Dusan had started a Beer Pong tournament. To Stana’s surprise Nathan was rather adept at the game and was currently battling Zoran, Jelena’s youngest brother.

“Popij, brate.” (Drink, brother) Nathan said with a grin as Zoran’s ball bounced off the edge of the cup.

Zoran swore. “Jebote!” (Fucking hell!) he groused as he grabbed the cup.

SOPTATI!” (CHUG!) Nathan, Dusan, Nik, Teo and Marko cheered drunkenly.“SOPTATI! SOPTATI! SOPTATI!

Zoran gulped down his cup of beer then slammed the cup down on the table and thrust his arms into the air.

“I’m having vivid recollections of the college frat parties I attended,” Stana groaned to Gigi who was watching the game with great interest. “There was actually a Beer Pong competition circuit at my college. There was an organisational committee, prizemoney and everything.”

“Did you take part?” the youngest Katic asked.

“Of course, you know me I’m always up for a challenge,” Stana replied. “Of course those years are the sole reason I’m not a big fan of beer now. I drank far too much of it, I think my liver is still revolting.”

I WON!” Nathan bellowed a few minutes later as Zoran’s ball bounced off the last cup. “I WON I WON I WON!”

Ja ću umreti!” (I’m gonna die!) Zoran groaned as he collapsed onto the nearby sofa after downing the last cup of beer. “Uuuuuuuuugh.

“So are you going to retire in a blaze of glory?” Stana asked Nathan with a snort of laughter as he swept her into his arms and swung her in a circle.

“Yeah, if I don’t I won’t see out midnight.” The actor confessed with a dopey grin. “Feelin’ a bit buzzed. If I stop now I might be with it enough to kiss you into the New Year.”

“Oh r-really?” Gigi groaned as she re-emerged from the kitchen, a fresh glass of Rakija in hand. “No one in the family can walk into a room without finding you two sucking face.”

Reluctantly Stana pulled away from Nathan and stuck her tongue out at her sister. “Don’t be nosy.” She scolded her sister. “It’s rude.”

Gigi just giggled.


The lead up to midnight was so hectic Nathan could barely find the time to retrieve Stana’s engagement ring from their bedroom. He made an excuse to go to the bathroom then snuck into his and Stana’s room and retrieving the ring. He hid it well within his jacket then made his way back outside where everyone was gathered around the roaring bonfire. Despite the cold the reach of the bonfire was extensive and he could feel its warmth before he even opened the back door, He swiped a bottle of the local pivo from the sink full of ice in the scullery then made his way outside to find his girlfriend. She was sitting on a padded swing chair with Jelena conversing in rapid Serbian.

Ženskiiiiiii.” (Ladieeeeees) he said greeting the pair with a grin.

“Oh you’re a charmer, aren’t you?” Jelena said getting to her feet and flashing the actor a wink. “I shall leave you two lovebirds alone and if I don’t see you before midnight Srećna Nova godina.” (Happy New Year)

“Srećna Nova godina,” Nathan murmured.

“Come sit,” Stana urged him, patting the seat next to her. “I’m drunk.”

“Yup me too.” Nathan said cheerfully. “But not wasted, happily tiddly.”

“Mmm me too.” Stana replied with a sigh. “But you’ll have a champagne with me at midnight?”

“Of course.” Nathan replied pulling the brunette into his side. “Where’s the best spot to set off the fireworks your brothers procured?”

“Anywhere in the district going by all the boxes I saw them carrying down to the lake earlier.” Stana replied dryly. “I know the best spot. It’ll allow us privacy so we don’t get busted smooching again.”

“So shall we sneak off there now or just a few minutes before midnight?” Nathan asked.

“About quarter to,” Stana replied. “It’s a nice spot nice and shade in the summer but everyone will probably go down to the banks of the lake to watch the fireworks. We’ll have privacy and the prime viewing spot.”

Stana and Nathan spent the final hour leading up to the New Year just chilling with each other and watching the young children of the family race around the bonfire then toast marshmallows then with fifteen minutes to go Nathan swiped a bottle of champagne from the kitchen as well as a pair of champagne flutes then followed Stana throughout the bustle of her family up a little rise to a rocky outcrop that overlooked the area where her brothers had set up the fireworks.

“Ten minutes to go,” he announced joining her on an elegantly carved park type bench that had been placed under a now leafless tree. “Excited?”

“Of course, I’m excited for every New Year.” Stana replied eagerly cuddling up to him. “But this year is extra special because I get to celebrate it with you.”

“Same here,” Nathan murmured, pulling the rug Stana had brought with them around him. “I think we both have a lot to look forward to in twenty fifteen. I think it's going to be a really busy year.”

“Personally or professionally?” Stana asked.

“Both equally.” Nathan replied. “The first quarter of next year I’m booked up the whazoo with jobs. Anything after April I’m free as a bird.”

“I’ve only got Castle up to April.” Stana revealed. “I don’t have any other jobs til the Summer, everything else is for ATP.”

“The latter alone is enough to keep you busy.”

“Hmmm it is, I’m certainly not going to be bored.” Stana said looking at her watch. “Ooh five minutes to go.”

A sudden sickening wave of nervousness swamped Nathan’s stomach as he thought about proposing to his girlfriend. Despite knowing that he wanted to ask the attractive brunette to be his wife he hadn’t actually thought about how he was going to pop the question. Quickly blind panic consumed him, his facial expression snagging Stana’s attention.

“Hey.” She said giving him a little shove. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” Nathan lied. “Just thinking about you and how lucky I am to be here, on this night, right here celebrating the New Year with you. God, that sounds like some line out of Notting Hill doesn’t it?”

Stana laughed.
“It does.” She said.

TWO MINUTES TO GO!” Marko shouted below them. “LET’S BLOW SHIT UP!

Stana laughed. “I swear my brother should’ve been a pyrotechnician or a military bomb disposal expert instead of a lawyer.” She said. “He really does like blowing things up.”

“I’d get excited too if I was letting all those fireworks off too.” Nathan confessed as he leaned forward to pour them each a flute of champagne. “

“Mmm please.”

Nathan poured his girlfriend a glass of Champagne then held it out for her. She accepted it with a smile then carefully set it to rest on the arm nearest to her.

“Gonna save that for after midnight.” She informed him. “I want to have both hands free when I kiss you into the New Year.”

“Can I have a kiss before the New Year?” Nathan asked hopefully as someone from below them loudly announced there was only a minute to go.

“Nope, got to maintain a level of decorum in the last minute of the old year.” Stana told him with a tipsy giggle. “After that it's open season.”

Nathan wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Not like that!” Stana exclaimed. “I am not having sex outside in a Croatian winter! I’d freeze my ass off.”

“We could go inside afterwards and warm up......”

“Forget it, Nate. I’m not having sex with you outside in this weather.” Stana said. “Squee, only thirty seconds to go.”

“Let’s stand up,” Nathan suggested as he got to his feet.

Stana joined him and wrapped the blanket around them.


“We’re going to have an awesome year, you and I.” Nathan whispered touching his nose to Stana’s. “Big things are ahead for us in twenty fifteen I know it.”

The brunette’s eyes sparkled. “How d’you know?” she whispered brushing her lips against his.


“Just do.”


At the moment it turned to midnight and the fireworks the Katic brothers had procured started exploding Nathan pulled Stana closer to his body and captured her lips with his. She grabbed his face with her hands and kissed him back hard.

The deeply in love couple kissed and kissed and kissed til their lips ached and they ran out of breath. Nathan reluctantly pulled back and rested his head against Stana’s grinning as she blushed and giggled like a teenager.

“Well that was nice,” He said.

“Best New Year’s kiss I’ve ever experienced,” The brunette announced happily.

“Can I say something?” Nathan asked suddenly after deciding now was the time to pop the question.

“Mmm what’s that?” Stana asked as the fireworks continued to pop and fizzle above them.

Nathan gently grasped her chin and turned her head to face him. “I need you to be looking at me for this....” he said his voice wavering slightly.

“What’s wrong? Is everything alright, Nate?”

“Everything’s fine.” Nathan replied with a smile as he tucked a little whisp of hair behind her ear “everything’s more than fine in fact.”


“I know we haven’t been together very long in the whole scheme of things.” Nathan began as Stana watched him, the whoops and hollers of her family echoing in the background. “But I need you to know how much I love you. How much I’ve always loved you. Right from the beginning when I trimmed your shirt at the final audition, to that time last year when you tripped up and face planted that lasagne at craft service til now when we kissed our way into twenty fifteen. I don’t want any of that to end. I want to experience you and everything with you for the rest of my life. I want to deal with all the good stuff and all the bad stuff....”

“Oh my god!” Stana murmured as she cottoned on to what her partner was about to do.

“....and I only want to do it with you.” Nathan finished off as he dropped to his knee and produced the ring box containing the ring he had brought for her the previous day “Sooooo.... Stana hoćeš li se udati za mene ?” (Stana will you marry me?)


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Despite her earlier resolve to spend the entire day in bed Stana was the first to rise the next morning and had a long hot shower before returning to her and Nathan’s bedroom. Their sexual theatrics the evening before had exhausted the actor and he remained steadfastly asleep tangled up in the blankets his face smooshed into his pillows. Stana dried off and threw on her bathrobe before sitting on the bed and running her fingers through Nathans hair in an attempt to wake him up.

Baaaa-aaabe wakey wakey,” she sang massaging his scalp with the tips of her fingers. “It’s the mooooooorning.

Eventually Nathan woke from his slumber with a groan. “Wozleepin’.” He mumbled.

“I know and you looked totally adorable while doing so.” Stana told him in amusement. “D’you want to get up and eat breakfast? I’ve already had a shower and I think Dusan’s up early because I can smell Croissants.”

Nathan consented to opening a singular eye. “I would rather eat you.” He murmured sleepily.

Stana rolled her eyes. “You did that last night,” she reminded him. “Several times remember? I was speaking in the culinary sense. Besides after last night’s escapades I’m too sore for anymore bedroom theatrics.”

Nathan lit up like a Christmas tree. “Really?” exclaimed sitting up in a hurry. “That means you had a good time.”

Stana leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. “Babe, I always have a good time,” she informed him. “Just last night I had a lot of a good time. Give it a couple of days and I’ll be good to go again.”

“I’m sore as hell,” he admitted. “My arms are sore, my legs are sore, I feel like I’ve had a personal training session.”

“Well you did....of sorts.” Stana said with a giggle as she got up and made her way over to the wardrobe to fish out her clothes for the day. “Just a bit more personal than you’re used to.”

Nathan chuckled at her humor. “I’m going to get back that six pack I had ten years ago if we have more repeats of last night,” he said in amusement, sliding off the bed and reaching for his towel which he knotted around his waist. “Hell I could have the body of a Navy Seal in six months with more repeats of last night.”

Stana rolled her eyes. “We didn’t do it that hard,” she said dryly. “Now go and have a shower you smell of sweat and sex.”

“I call that Eau de, Stana,” Nathan announced with a grin, wiggling his eyebrows and giving her a cheeky smack on the backside.

Stana jumped in surprise and let out a little squeak. “Go and have a shower Nate,” she instructed him. “I’ll see you downstairs.”

Nathan made his exit and Stana made her way downstairs. Dusan and Sera were in the kitchen making croissants and cherry Danishes.

“Dobro jut-OI!” Dusan scolded as Stana pinched a still warm Danish from a cooling rack. “I haven’t put the glaze on that yet!”

“Don’ care,” Stana mumbled getting up on her toes to kiss her brother on the cheek. “Dobro jutro brate.” (Good morning brother)

“I think you’re the only one that could get away with pinching a Danish before its been glazed,” Sera commented in amusement as she took a tray of croissants out of the oven. “He threatened to slap Teo with an icing paddle on Christmas morning if he didn’t keep his fingers out of the Danish box.”

“Really?” Stana asked with a snort.

“Yeah, and it didn’t stop him swiping four in total.” Dusan groused. “Jebeni svinja.” (Fucking pig)

“I would take it as a compliment,” Stana informed her brother once she’d finished laughing as she filled the kettle with water and placed it on the stovetop. “People like your goodies Dushie and they want to eat them.”

“I know but most people wait til they’re in the shop.” Dusan went on as Teo entered the kitchen. “They’re not culinary vacuum cleaners.”

“Who’s a culinary vacuum cleaner?” the younger Katic asked swiping a Danish and biting into it.

Odjebi!” (Fuck off!) Dusan shouted as he dropped the oven mitts he had just put on and took off after his brother. “Dodirnite bilo na klupi ponovo i ja ću spaliti jaja na toplom tanjiru!” (“Touch anything on the bench again and I’ll burn your balls on the hotplate!”)

Both Stana and Sera collapsed in a fit of laughter as the two brothers ran into the main body of the house shouting in Serbian.

“Think Teo only does that to rile Dus’ up,” Stana observed as Teo leapt spectacularly over the sofa with a howl of laughter.

“Oh totally!” Sera agreed.

Smiri se vas dvoje!” (Calm down you two!) came the voice of Stana’s father a moment later. “I prestani da psovanje tvoja majka će imati svoj sakriti!” (And stop swearing, your mother will have your hide!)

“You two are totally five years old,” Stana informed her brothers as they re-entered the kitchen with their father, shoving each other. “Dobro jutro Tata.” (Good morning Dad)

“Dobro jutro Devojčica,” (Good morning baby girl) Peter replied kissing his eldest daughter on the cheek. “Where’s Nathan?”

“Having a shower, he should be down soon, he slept in a bit,” Stana replied as she lined up all of their coffee mugs. “I think all this rushing about since we arrived here is tiring him out.”

“Don’t think it’s the ‘rushing’ about that’s tiring him.” Teo murmured through a mouthful of Danish.

Quick as a flash Stana grabbed one of Dusan’s oven mitts and whacked Teo around the head with it. “He wasn’t quick enough to get you but I was!” she exclaimed with a grin and her younger brother let out a yelp of surprise. “Behave yourself Teodor Katic!”

“Are my boys misbehaving already?” Rada asked in amused exasperation as she entered the kitchen.

“Only Teo!” Stana and Dusan chorused.

“He nicked a Danish before it was glazed,” Dusan added.

“You two always rat me out,” Teo groused.

“Ne pick u kuvanju tvog brata!” (Don’t pick at your brother’s cooking!) Rada scolded half-heartedly with a shake of her head. “I brought my boys up better than that.”

Nik and Teo arrived a short time later followed by Gigi and conversation turned to the following evening’s planned party.

Nathan arrived ten minutes later looking refreshed but still exhausted from the previous evening’s activity. “Zao mi je zao mi je zao mi je!” (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!) he apologized taking a seat beside Stana and dropping a kiss on her lips. “Jeff rang.”

“He’s ringing late. It’s got to me midnight in Edmonton,” Stana said as she got up to make her partner a fresh mug of coffee.

“It is, he’s just finished setting up for the party he’s holding at his place tomorrow night,” Nathan replied reaching forward and snatching a ham and cheese croissant off the platter in front of him. “He figured I would be up and thought he would check in considering we’re probably going to be too busy to touch base again until the new year.”

“We’ll have to drunk dial him when it turns midnight here,” Stana joked as she stirred sugar into his drink.

“Of course, it’s tradition to drunk dial at least one relative on New Year’s Eve.” Nathan said with a grin. “At least it is in my family.”

“That’s a tradition I’m keen to introduce to this family.” Marko decided with a snigger.

“Who would you drunk dial?” Stana asked pointedly as she set down Nathan’s mug. “Literally the whole family is going to be here.”

“Well maybe next year then,” Marko replied.

“Pencil it into that fancy leather ledger you have.”

After breakfast Nathan was helping Peter clean up when the elder Katic made a request of him.

“Nathan I was wondering if you would please accompany me into town today to run a few errands?” he asked the actor. “All the other boys will be going out to get some of the fireworks and Dusan is staying back her to help Rada and the girls cook.”

“No problem be happy to,” Nathan replied amiably. “What are we picking up?”

“Mainly alcohol but some meat from the butcher but it’s a lot and I can’t carry it all on my own,” Peter revealed.

“Count me in.” Nathan said. “Just come find me when you’re ready to go.”

“Hvala puno.” (Thankyou very much)

After the dishes were done and put away Nathan made himself and Stana a mug of coffee and went in search of the brunette. He found her down by the lake looking across the water at the whitewashed monastery her greenish brown eyes brimming with tears.

“Brought you a mug of the best stuff...hey what’s up?” he asked in concern, hurriedly putting their mugs down on a nearby rock.

Stana sank into Nathan’s hug and sighed loudly. “’m being stupid,” She said. “Just thinking about stuff.”

“What sort of stuff?” Nathan enquired. “If you want to tell me that is.”

Stana inhaled deeply and exhaled in a rush. “See the monastery over the lake?” she asked pointing to the whitewashed building.


“It’s Dragovic Monastery, Kris and I talked about getting married there,” Stana replied in a small voice. “I mean we talked about if we got married it would be there. Then all this crap with him started in Greece-and now I can’t even imagine getting married there, not now anyway.”

“You still could, you know.” Nathan murmured his breath coming out in little puffs.

“I don’t think I could,” Stana repeated, thickly. “That monastery is so special to my family ... Tata’s parents got married there, we all got christened there. Jelena and Petar got married there and Mama and Tata themselves got married there but Kris and what he did to me stained my desire to walk down the aisle there myself.”

“Don’t let that bastard taint your dreams honey, if you want to get married there - get married there,” Nathan informed his upset girlfriend. “Make yourself some happy memories something you’ll cherish well into your dotage. Don’t let him prevent you from being happy.”

Stana wiped her eyes and looked up at her partner with a dazzling smile that made his heart flip. “You always know how to say the right thing and make me feel better,” she informed him with a watery voice. “I’m sure you could make money doing that.”

“Eh maybe.” The actor conceded. “But I make decent coin from acting my first love and that’ll do.”

“Your first love?” Stana question with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. “What am I, shopped liver?”

“Oh no darling you’re much more delectable than chopped liver,” Nathan replied with a grin. “And you taste much better too.”

Stana rolled her eyes at her partner’s corniness. “You’re a goober,” she said in amusement accepting the slightly less than hot mug of coffee he had brought out for her. “Mmmm yum.

“So....you’re in the kitchen today, huh?” Nathan asked after a few moments of companionable silence.

“Yeah, Mama and Dusan need all hands on deck so I volunteered,” Stana replied with a sigh. “What do you have planned?”

“Helping your Dad pick up booze and meat in town,” Nathan replied easily. “Looking forward to spending some one on one time with your Dad he’s a good guy.”

“He is, and he thinks you’re pretty good too,” Stana revealed. “He’s told me so.”

“Oh did he now?” Nathan said in amusement.

“Yup, only last night he took me aside and told me he wants you to stick around for a good long while,” Stana went on. “I agreed, I said I want you to stick around for a good long while too.”

“Well you both will get your wish, I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon,” Nathan confessed with a smile that made his baby blues light up.

When the cold became too much, Stana and Nathan headed back inside via the kitchen.

“Arrrgh I’m COLD!” Stana exclaimed yanking off her gloves and clapping her hands together hard.

Nathan grasped his girlfriend’s hands and brought them up to his mouth breathing on them and rubbing them within his own. “That better?” he asked after a few moments.

“Bit,” Stana replied with a smile shivering as he kissed the palm of her left hand. “But I kinda have a better idea....”


Stana stanked her hands inside Nathan’s jacket then under his shirt to rest her freezing hands on his back.

The actor’s eyes flew open and he let out a yelp of surprise. “AH!” He yelped jumping back in surprise. “They’re FREEZING!

“Aw come on babe let me waaaaarm up,” Stana purred lunging after Nathan and diving her hands back into his jacket. “I’ll let you kiiiiiisssssssss meeeeeee.

Nathan’s stomach flip flopped. “Kiss ass.” He muttered as Stana pressed him up against the wall next to the scullery.

“Mmm yes, now how about a smooch?” Stana asked with a grin that lit up her whole face. “I like smooching.”

“Well when you ask so nicely I suppose I can oblige,” Nathan replied drawing the brunette close to him. “You’re lucky I like smooching too.”

Stana tickled Nathan’s back and got up on her toes to meet his lips with hers. He cupped her face in his hands and ran his thumbs along her jawline. Stana let out a little moan and pressed her tongue against his and they fell against the wall where everyone’s gumboots were lined up. Stana’s beanie fell off and Nathan took the opportunity to run his fingers through her brunette lock and kiss her harder. They were totally lost in each other when the door to the kitchen flung open and Marko came walking through.

“Oh for fuc-do you two ever leave each other alone?” the younger man asked in amused exasperation. “Seriously, I think Mama would prefer you two to get married before you start making her some grandchildren.”

Did you catch those two sucking face again?” Gigi called from the kitchen.

“Oh come o-” Stana began.

“Nah, not sucking face - making babies,” Marko replied with a snort of laughter as Stana pulled away from Nathan and punched her brother on the arm.

Oh, alright then. Be safe you two!

“We weren’t making babies!” Stana shrilled her face a magnificent shade of scarlet. “And even if we wanted to we’d never get enough time because no one in this house ever leaves us alone!”

“Well to be fair guys, you don’t exactly look for private places to do whatever you do,” Gigi reasoned with a grin.

“I can’t believe we’re having this discussion.” Stana muttered. “Every single one of my siblings is an idiot!”

“What did we do this time?” Nik asked as he and Dusan entered the kitchen.

“Nothing, we’re not having this conversation!” Stana exclaimed.

“I busted these two kissing out by the scullery,” Marko piped up.

“Oh leave them alone, it’s not like we all haven’t been busted kissing our partners before,” Teo who had been in the pantry announced. “Stan, Nate you can suck face wherever whenever. No one really gives a shit.”

“Its just fun to tease you two,” Dusan added with a chuckle, pulling his mortified sister in for a hug. “And you know us we give as good as we get. I would totally have no issue with being teased if you’re the one to bust Sera and I next time.”

“Thanks Dus’” Stana mumbled, her voice muffled by her brother’s shirt. “I’ll definitely return the favour.”

Pretty soon the embarrassment of being busted kissing passed and everyone swung into gear to finalise the plans for the following evening’s party. Stana, Gigi and Sera helped with the cooking under Rada and Dusan’s supervisions. Nathan provided muscle by filling the fire pit with fresh wood then helping Peter, Nik, Marko and Teo to hang decorative fairy lights out the front and back of the house and connect them up to the house’s electrical circuit.

Break time!” Stana called from the kitchen.

Everyone traipsed back into the kitchen where a mountain of sandwiches was waiting for them, the men pounced and there was silence for several minutes as everyone consumed their meal.

“So just the fireworks and booze to go and we’re all set for tomorrow night,” Marko announced, breaking the silence. “I can’t wait to blow them up its going to be awesome!

“I think this New Year’s is going to the best ever,” Nathan piped up as he sipped at the mug of hot chocolate Stana had made for him. “Certainly there’s nowhere else I’d rather bring in the New Year.”

“Well we’re all glad that you’re here to spend the holiday with us Nathan,” Rada said with a soft smile. “We’d like you to be here to celebrate many more family holidays.”

“And I’d like to be here,” Nathan replied smiling as Stana reached under the table and squeezed his knee. “There’s good food, good Rakija and especially good company.”

“Cheers for good Rakija!” Nik piped up.

A collective cheer went up from everyone at the table though not one of them was actually drinking Rakija.

After lunch and the preparations for the following evening kicked back into gear Nathan rugged up in his favourite woollen jacket, a beanie Stana had bought him in Belgrade and a scarf his grandmother had gifted him upon his 21st birthday and made his way into Vrilka with Peter.

“Okay, where to first?” Nathan asked once they parked the car.

“Let’s pick up the alcohol first,” Peter suggested his breath coming out in great billowing clouds of steam. “Its best to leave the meat until just before we go back to the house. Maybe we can stop off for a pint of Pivo before we head back?”

Nathan grinned. “That sounds great,” he said. “Let’s get to work, shall we?”


After loading up Peter and Rada’s car with all the alcohol for the celebrations the following evening Nathan waited by a little jewellery shop for Peter while the older man ran and errand for Rada. To pass the time he window shopped and his attention was immediately caught by a delicate white gold ring with a large emerald cut diamond in the centre and two smaller baguette cut diamonds on either side of the larger gem. It was displayed in a wooden dark blue velvet lined box and sparkled in the display case lighting. The display cabinet was filled of diamond necklaces, sapphire pendants, ruby earrings and emerald charms but Nathan’s attention was constantly drawn back to the emerald cut diamond ring. He was just considering entering the store to get a closer look at the ring when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He whipped around and saw Peter there a huge grin upon his face.

“See anything you like?” he asked in amusement.

“U-uhh aaaaah um maybe?” Nathan stammered, his scruffy cheeks turning a magnificent shade of red.

“You knooooooooow,” Peter began. “If you were to propose to her Rada and I would give our blessing.”

Nathan’s jaw fell open. “R-really?” he said.

“Yes,” Peter replied. “We like you Nathan, you love Stana, you respect her you lift her up when she’s feeling down and you instil a different type of confidence in her. She has blossomed into the best person she can be since you two started dating. Rada and I want her to be happy in all aspects of her life and I think if you asked her to marry you she would finally be so.”

“I-I’m afraid it’s t-to soon.” Nathan confessed. “We’ve only been together six months-a-and even though she disagrees I know she’s still having trouble dealing with what Kris did to her.”

“Possibly so but she has you, her rock to lean on.” Peter said sagely. “Every day I see my baby girl with you Nathan I see her heal, I see her laugh and I see her sparkle. She hasn’t done that in a long long time. Even before Kris did what he did to her I saw her enthusiasm for life wane a little. The length of your relationship has nothing to do with whether it’s the right time to propose or not, it’s the quality and you and Stana have quality. If you love her with all your heart and can’t imagine your life without her ask her. Trust me it’ll be the best decision of your life.”

“I do love her with all my heart.” Nathan confessed. “I love her more than I have any woman before.”

Peter grinned. “Then you have your answer then,” he said happily. “Just so you know, Rada and I were only together four months before I proposed. It doesn’t matter if its six months or six minutes. If a relationship is strong it will last.”

“So how long have you and Rada been married?” Nathan asked in interest.

“Thirty nine years, forty in May.” Peter replied. “Stana came along just on three years after we married and six months after we immigrated to Canada.”

Nathan smiled. “Well then....” he said with a smile “would you like to come in with me?”

“Of course, lead the way.”

Nathan made his way down to the door of the jewellery shop and twisted the brass dor knob. A little bell above his head tinkled and a rush of warm air hit his face, instantly warming him.

“Dobar dan!” (Good afternoon!) the mid sixties man behind the counter called, greeting them with a glint in his eye.

“Dobar dan.” Nathan replied pulling off his beanie. “Kako ste?” (How are you?)

“Jas am dobro.” (I am good) the man replied. “Kako mogu da vam pomognem danas?” (How can I help you today?)

“Mogu li molim te pogledam tu-tu.” Nathan stumbled trying to remember everything Marko had taught him. “Shit....smaragd rez....dammit what’s the work for diamond?” he asked Peter in exasperation.

“Dijamantski.” The older man replied encouragingly. “Keep going.”

“Dijamantski.” Nathan continued. “Ring ring ring....OH! prsten u prozoru?” (Ring in the window)

The man grinned. “I speak English,” he said with a grin. “So you like the diamond ring in the window yes?”

Nathan signed in relief. “I do,” he said with a smile.

The sales assistant made his way over to the window and retrieved the ring from its display case; he brought it over to the counter and placed it on a velour mat.

“This for a special lady?” he asked.

“Yes, a very special lady-his daughter.” Nathan said with a grin jerking his head in Peter’s direction. “I was window shopping and saw this in the window and I know it would be perfect for my girlfriend. It’s not too big and it’s not too small.”

“You ‘ave impeccable taste,” the man said. “Do you know your duso’s ring size?”

“No, unfortunately I don’t.” Nathan replied making a face.

“No problem, no problem! If it too big or too small I will fix that for you.”

“We’re only here til the third.” Nathan informed the man. “We live in the United States.”

“You can take it too a good jeweller there and have it resized if it not fit.” The man said. “I make this one myself. Took a long time, many hours of polishing.”

“Is it white gold?” Nathan asked, picking up the ring and admiring its glitter.

“Da, the prettiest precious metal.”

Nathan spent several minutes inspecting the ring, slipping it over the end of his right index finger and holding it under the desk lamp on the end of the counter before he made his decision.

“I’ll take it,” he said. “I don’t care what it costs.”

“Very good!”

And moments later Nathan left the shop with the ring securely hidden in his jacket pocket.

“Shit I just bought an engagement ring!” he exclaimed as they headed to a nearby pub. “At least I think I just did.”

Peter chuckled and slapped Nathan on the shoulder. “You did.” He said in amusement. “And she will say yes.”

“I hope.” Nathan groaned. “Or I’ve just wasted sixty seven thousand Kuna.”

“I know my girl, Nathan.” Peter informed the unsure actor. “She loves you and this is the next natural step in your relationship. She’s happy with you and I think she’ll be even happier if she becomes your wife.”

Nathan smiled. “I’ll be happy if she becomes my wife.” He said pushing open the door of the pub. “C’mon let’s have a drink. First round’s on me.”


A/N: For the record, seixty seven thousand Kuna is about ten thousand dollars US. I can imagine Nathasn would spend significantly more than that on an engagement ring but it's how the ring looks and how it would suit Stana that drove him to buy this ring not the price tag. Here is a link to how I pictured the ring: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/574560864939742534/

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A/N1: Hello peoples of the Stanathan fandom and WELCOME to this Chapter of TWFAF. I started writing this chaqpter a few weeks ago before I went to New Zealand and my best bud in the fandom Renee inspired me a TON so I was full of inspiration for this chapter and chapters to come. I know morale and participarion in the fandom is at a low right now but stay strong my peeps there's lots fo fun and discussion to be had!

Renee this is for you!


“Did I seriously just rip shreds off my father’s sister?” Stana asked once Nathan shut the bedroom door behind them.

“You did and it was awesome to watch,” Nathan replied with a snort of laughter. “Steamroller Stana.”

Stana rolled her eyes and bit back a giggle. “Oh shut up,” she huffed giving him a shove. “I feel guilty yet I also feel liberated, I seriously don’t believe I did that. I never rip into anyone let alone relatives!”

“And that’s most likely why what happened down there is going to be remembered at Katic family functions well into your old age.” Nathan said with a grin.

Stana rubbed her face. “I’m conflicted!” she confessed. “Part of me wants to jump around and yell and celebrate what I just did, but the other part of me wants to go downstairs and apologise.”

“Don’t you dare do the latter, she deserved it.” Nathan said at once.

“Yeah I knoooow,” Stana groaned running her fingers through her hair. “I still can’t help but feel a bit guilty.”

Nathan stepped into the brunette’s space and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Thankyou for defending me,” he murmured. “That meant a lot.”

Stana smiled. “I meant every word of that tirade you know,” she said shyly.

“Even the bit about easily see-”

Stana immediately felt her cheeks warm with a violent blush. “Yeah even that bit,” she confessed. “Even that bit.”

After about an hour calming down from her confrontation with her Aunty a knock came at the door.

“Guys, it’s Mark. Can I come in?” Marko asked from the other side of the door.

“Yeah come in,” Stana called.

The door knob twisted and the door opened to reveal the youngest of Stana’s brothers.

“How are you two doing?” he asked with the widest grin Nathan had ever seen on his face.

“Fine, what’s so funny?” Stana asked.

“You my sister dear are the best person in the universe!” Marko crowed. “You showed that bigoted old coot that you don’t mess with a Katic woman!”

“Technically Veronika is a Katic woman,” Stana pointed out.

“Beside the point!” Marko exclaimed cheerfully waving his hands in the air. “You told Veronika exactly what she needed to hear and it was the most beautiful thing to watch!”

“Is she still here?” Nathan asked.

“No, she and Tata went for a drive into town to get some more supplies for lunch,” Marko replied. “He looked like he was going to murder her. I’ve never seen him look like that, even when I was a kid and blew up Mr Johnson’s letterbox.”

Is Veronika coming back?” Stana asked getting to her feet and pulling on a well worn button less cardigan.

“I don’t know,” Marko confessed. “But probably, Emir and Marija just got here so Mama sent me up here to get you two. Hope it’s not going to be too awkward. You should be alright if you sit at the absolute opposite of wherever she does when we sit down for lunch.”

“Mama and Tata aren’t mad are they?” Stana asked apprehensively.

“Not in the slightest,” Marko replied at once. “You know Mama, she’s never liked Veronika and you’re the family firstborn. Tata is always going to defend you even if it’s from his own blood. No one else is mad either. Vanya said it best when she told the whole room ‘Baba je Kurva’ (Grandma is a bitch) oh god I thought Jelena was going to have a heart attack. It was hilarious.”

Both Stana and Nathan roared with laughter.

“I’m giving that kid a thousand Kuna worth of candy,” Nathan vowed. “Haha!

“You were awesome too brate,” (brother) Marko praised as the trio left the room. “You really have been paying attention in your lessons, that lecture you gave Veronika was grammatically and conversationally perfect. If you’re not fluent by Stana’s birthday I’ll eat my hat.”

“Oh pfft I doubt it,” Nathan scoffed as they made their way down the hall.

“No seriously, that was great, you said stuff that I know I haven’t taught you and you did it perfectly.”

“Stana’s my ever vigilant tutor outside of lesson time,” Nathan said. “Her latest method for tutoring me is translating our scripts into Serbian and running lines with me that way.”

“Ah well that explains a hell of a lot,” Marko declared cheerfully. “Wish I had thought of that. C’mon food’s almost ready.”

The trio made their way downstairs to the bustling living area where Stana saw her favourite uncle Emir and his wife Marija had arrived.

Ujak Emir!” Stana called catching her Uncle’s attention.

The youngest of Peter’s brothers snapped his head around and lit up as Stana entered the room, he excused himself from the group he was chatting in and rushed over to his niece engulfing her in a hug.

“Pa zar nisi slika lepote?” (Well aren’t you the picture of beauty?) he said holding a beaming Stana out at arm’s length.

“Vi ste ljubazni,” (You’re too kind) Stana said blushing furiously.

“And zis must be ze famous Nathan I’ve been hearing about,” Emir said brightly turning to Nathan who had been watching the exchange between Stana and her uncle in interest.

“Yes Sir, seems a lot of people in this family know of me before they meet me and not because of my work,” Nathan said with a grin. “Good to meet you, Stana’s told me a lot about you.”

“Nate this is my uncle Emir,” Stana said introducing her boyfriend to the older man. “And over there with her arms elbow deep in Chevapchichi mix is his wife, my Tetka Marija.”

“Zdravo, drago mi je da smo se upoznali!” (Hello! Nice to meet you!) Marija called.

“Pozdrav, i isto tako!” (Hello, and likewise!) Nathan called back.

“Vaš Srbije je veoma dobar, držite na ovom jednom dikobraz!” (Your Serbian is very good, hold onto this one Porcupine!) Marija called back.

Stana rolled her eyes and groaned loudly. “Sledeći osoba koja me zovu dikobraz dobija laksativ u svom rakije!” (Next person to call me Porcupine gets a laxative in their brandy!) she announced “Marko Katic don’t you even think about it!”

“Why do you always look at me like that?” Marko asked with a grin.

“Because you usually give her cause to you nit,” Gigi said with a giggle. “Of everyone in the family you’re most likely to get up to no good. I dare anyone in this room to disagree with me.”

“Just how much of a hell raiser were you growing up?” Nathan asked with a snort of laughter.

“More than he’d care to admit,” Stana piped up with a grin.

“I feel vilified,” Marko grumped, the ghost of a smile playing across his lips.

“Hey we tease you about being a junior hell raiser and Stana after being nicknamed after a spiny rodent,” Teo said. “We’re not singling you out for special treatment.”

“We can if you like though!” Dusan called as he re-entered the kitchen with a tray full of freshly baked bread.

I seriously love being part of this family,” Nathan whispered in Stana’s ear as the discussion turned to who was teased most in the Katic family.

We seriously love having you part of it babe,” Stana whispered back as she squeezed his hand. “C’mon let’s go help Dusan, I want to pinch some of his fresh bread, it tastes the best straight out of the oven.”


Like most Katic functions the gathering of the first lot of relatives went well into the night, eventually though the energy waned, the fires burned to embers and everyone headed off to bed.

Buzzed from their consumption of pivo and rakija, Stana and Nathan decided to make use of the spa bath that had been installed the previous summer in the bathroom next to their bedroom. Stana waited til the temperature was a tolerably piping hot before adding several squirts of her favourite vanilla bubble bath and setting the bubble level to low.

“We’re going to flood the bathroom if we get in that,” Nathan said as bubbles rapidly began forming on the steaming water.

“That’s half the fun of getting soapy!” Stana purred as she stepped into the water. “Hajde seksi noge....” (C’mon sexy legs)

Nathan’s ears perked up when Stana said something that sounded like ‘sexy’. “Are you about to give me another lesson that involves rude or sexually themed words?” he asked, eagerly stepping into the water after her.

“No, because I know you know them all already,” Stana said dryly holding his hands firmly as she lowered herself into the water. “Aaaaaaaaaaah this feels so goooooooooooooood!”

“Mmm it does,” Nathan agreed as he gave her breasts a squeeze.

“The water you perve,” Stana scolded sinking into his warm embrace. “If you’re going to play that game so can I....mmmm that feels nice too.”

Stana backed up against Nathan and rubbed his half hard erection which was caught between her back and his abdomen. “Two can play that game Captain Tightpants,” she continued coyly. “Don’t start anything you don’t intend to finish.”

“Who said I didn’t intend to finish?” Nathan murmured in her ear as he cupped her floating breasts. “I always finish everything I start,especially with you.”

“God we’re revolting,” Stana joked as they surfaced from a kiss.

“Yup we are,” Nathan agreed leaning his head against the shower recess which backed onto the bath and closing his eyes. “I’ve had such a good time on this vacation, despite the bad stuff that happened when we first got here and the confrontation with Veronika I’m properly relaxing, I haven’t felt this blissed out in ages.”

“Maybe I should up my game then,” Stana informed him saucily.

“In this house?” Nathan questioned. “Now? With your whole family present?”

Stana rolled her eyes. “Yes in this house,” she replied. “Not now, when we go back to our bedroom and not with my whole family present, they’re not going to watch us babe. Why are you so worried about us having sex in the same house as my family? You were like this the first time we stayed the night at your parent’s house too.”

“I was....yeaaaaaah.

“Nate the walls here are made of stone and a foot and a half thick, no one’s going to hear us if we make love,” Stana informed her partner patiently. “Dusan and Sera don’t have an issue with being intimate while staying in the same house as our family....”

“How do you know?”

“Because a couple of days ago I heard Sera proposition Dusan with a blow job in the scullery,” Stana revealed. “Do you think if they were uncomfortable with getting it on under the same roof as Mama and Tata Sera would’ve said that?”

“I suppose not,” Nathan conceded. “Reckon he took her up on the offer?”

“Of course, I would’ve if we were that couple in the scullery and the shoe was on the other foot,” Stana replied. “Don’t worry babe, everyone already knows we’ve been going at it during this trip anyway, no one else takes as long to run and errand in town as we do. Gigi teased me a ton when it took us two hours to go and get that side of pork for the spit for New Year’s Eve. She knew we had been getting funky.”

“That would explain the funny looks I’ve been getting from her since,” Nathans said in amusement as he absentmindedly circled her nipples with his fingertips. “She’s always wiggling her eyebrows at me and snorting’

“That’s because she thinks you never leave me alone.”

“Well she’s not too far off the mark is she?” Nathan said with a great snort of laughter. “Thought lately it’s been you not me who’s done the pestering.”

“Oh I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.” Stana said dryly. “Mmmmmmm I want to stay here forever.”

“The bath or Croatia?”

Both,” Stana replied with a happy sigh. “It’s quiet and peaceful and serene. I’ve been thinking of buying an isolated cottage up at Big Sur so I can get away for a weekend to relax while I’m working and haven’t got the time to come here but I’ve never had the time to actually look.”

“Maybe that’s something we can explore when we get home,” Nathan murmured in her ears as his hands became ever more adventurous.

“You want to buy a house with me?” Stana asked in surprise.

“I want to do a lot of things with you sweetheart,” Nathan replied seriously “I want to experience everything in the time we have together, I know that sounds corny and soppy but to hell with it. Let’s buy a holiday cabin together. Somewhere isolated, but no so isolated we have to hike for ten miles, trek on horseback for fifteen and kayak down a white water river to get to.”

Stana laughed. “Well I was thinking somewhere close to the beach,” she said. “Or within easy walking distance at least. Somewhere in a clutch of trees, with a fireplace and electricity. And a wooden stove like Mama has here.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard to find,” Nathan mused. “If you’re really serious let’s start looking for something when we get home.”

Stana turned around and engulfed Nathan in a hug sending an enormous puff of suds into the air. “I love you so much,” she murmured once they had surfaced with a kiss. “Thank you for saving me babe.”

“Anytime darling girl.”

Stana and Nathan stayed so long in the bathtub their fingers started to wrinkle, they then got out, drained the tub and dried off before padding quietly down the hallway to their bedroom where Nathan immediately pressed his girlfriend up against the old wooden door and seized her lips with his own.

MMPH!” Stana grunted as Nathan hoisted her up, her towel falling to the floor in the process. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Nathan trailed wide, wet open mouthed kisses to the smooth length of Stana’s neck and collarbone til her came to her breasts, he sucked her nipple into his mouth and feasted on the sensitive bud til it was a hardened peak.

Stana let out a long drawn out moan and arched into him. “We are not doing this against the door,” she managed to get out as he greedily feasted on her breasts.

Nathan carefully set Stana down on the floor and led her over to the bed letting his towel fall to the floor to join hers and in doing so revealing the evidence of his arousal.

Stana looked down at his cock and licked her lips salaciously. “Looks like Little Nate wants to come out and play,” she purred, biting her bottom lip and wrapping her slender fingers around his length.

Nathan scrunched his eyes shut and exhaled through his teeth. “He won’t be able to come out and play for very long if you keep on doing that,” he said with a grunt as she dropped to her knees and began to pump him.

“We have aaaaaaaaaaaaaall night,” Stana purred opening her mouth and sucking his testicles into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Nathan lost his shit every time Stana fondled his testicles and this time was no exception. The buzz of arousal that shot through his groin was so intense his knees collapsed out from under him and he awkwardly fell onto the bed with a groan. The slender brunette continued to hum around him edging him closer and closer to the point of no return. She ran her carefully manicured nails down the inside of his thighs then released his testicles from her mouth before running her tongue from the base to the tip of his length with a salacious moan of desire.

Fucking hell!” Nathan groaned as she engulfed the entirety of his generous length within the warm, inviting cavern of her mouth. “I’m going to die, right here, right now and I do not have an issue with thatNNNNNGGGH!

Stana released Nathan with a wet pop and looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes and a porn star pout. He shoved a pillow under his head and threaded his fingers through her damp locks before she hastily consumed him again.

Stana licked, sucked, nibbled and nipped at Nathan’s cock til she began to taste the salty tang of his pre-release in her mouth, she released him then crawled up the bed a predatory gleam in her eyes.

“One-of th-se days y-you’re g-gonna kill me duso,” Nathan said his breath coming in quick puffs as she mounted him and began suckling on his neck. “Holy shit you’re good at that.”

“I’m good at everything mmmmmmm,” Stana murmured pressing her lips to his lazily. “Kiss me.

Nathan brought his hands up and tickled Stana’s sides with the tips of his fingers then shifted so his lips met hers. The pair clawed, scratched and grabbed at each other and pretty soon Stana found herself on her back when Nathan flipped her over. She grinned and ran her fingers through his mussed up hair.

“Like dominating do you huh tough guy?” she purred

Nathan shifted his hips and took her with one breathtaking thrust. “You know I do,” she murmured against her neck, his shoulder muffling her cry of arousal. Oh Jesus babe you feel so fucking gooooooooooood.

Stana lost her mind every time she and Nathan were intimate. She literally took leave of her senses and could focus only on the muscular bulk of a man above her. She wrapped her slender legs around his hips and kissed him passionately as he thrust into her, knocking his pillow off the bed and disturbing the carefully tucked in sheets of their bed.

“Jebi mi,” (Fuck me) she gurgled when she felt with it enough to vocalize anything. “Da-mi-vrišti....UUUUUUUUUUUUGGH” (Make me scream).

Nathan obeyed at once. He grabbed the sheets of the bed in one fist then with the other hand reached down between their heaving bodies and began furiously rubbing her clit with his fingers. Stana was so turned on she immediately lost her shit and bucked against him hard with a loud squeal. Barely able to function himself Nathan hurriedly slapped his hand over Stana’s mouth as he squeal turned into an ear piercing wail. Before he resumed fucking her into the mattress with all the strength he could muster. She bounced, he thrusted, she moaned, he whispered into her ear spurring her on and on toward the precipice of release.

Despite their earlier desires to keep their lovemaking on the down low pretty soon neither Stana nor Nathan were about to muffle their vocalisations. Stana was out of her mind with lust and was gurgling and moaning as Nathan slammed himself into her. Blankets had fallen off the bed and the pillows were caught up in the tangled knot of linen. Both lovers were soaked in sweat as they clawed, reached and grinded against each other.

Nnghnaaaaaaaaate.” She managed to croak out as her let out a loud UGH with every thrust into her. “I’mi’mgo......-.

Nathan peered deep into his girlfriend’s hypnotic hazel greens eyes and seized her lips with his own. He jerked his hips once-twice-three times and that was enough for the pair of them. Together they peaked and with a combined screech and roar of completion collapsed against each other. Nathan couldn’t help but breathe heavily into Stana’s neck as his hips jerked and he pulsed into her. He was the first to find his voice and propped himself up on his elbows while brushing her sweat soaked hair out of her flushed face.

“God, I am so in love with you its ridiculous,” he murmured as he fought to catch his breath. “That was....ugh.

Nathan’s arms trembled and the strength to hold himself up began to rapidly fade. He flopped onto his side then cuddled up to Stana who was taking a little more time to recover from their activity.

“Out’f th’s w’rld?” she managed to mumble.

“Yup.” Nathan puffed. “G-god if-f n-no o-one h-heard us it’ll b-b a m-miracle.”

“’m gonna sl’p in t’mr’w.” Stana whispered looking at her partner with heavily lidded eyes. “M’ght sl’p all d’y.”

“You can’t do that,” Nathan informed her, resting his hand on her belly. “It’s the day before New Year’s Eve and there’s still tons to do to get ready for the party the night after. If we stay in bed all day everyone will know it’s because we’re too exhausted from sex to function.”

Stana swiped more hair out of her face. “You don’t have to stay in bed all day.” She said. “I have to, you wrecked me seriously I think I micro fainted. And we’re going to have to wash the sheets again because there are more of you and me on this linen than what is socially acceptable.”

Nathan grinned and snaked his hand down between them to slip his thick fingers between her swollen folds which were covered in the evidence of their lovemaking. Stana twitched violently when she felt his fingertips brush over her swollen and abused clit and despite the lack of energy pushed his hand away with lightning speed.

“Too sensitive,” she murmured .“H'rts.”

“Maybe a good night’s sleep will change your mind about staying in bed all day,” Nathan suggested in amusement as he leaned in to kiss her.

“You wrecked me,” Stana murmured sleepily returning his kiss. “’m gonna have to stay in bed to recover from what we just did.”

Nathan grinned and chuckled. “I did my job well then.” He said in amusement. “Feel good?”

“Mmmm feel wibbly,” Stana mumbled sleepily. “Always feel good with you Nate, you make my heart fluffy.”

Nathan couldn’t help it and let out a snort of laughter. “Fluffy?” he questioned in amusement.

Mmm fluffy,” Stana replied. “You’ve healed me Nate, you’ve made me believe in true love again and fluffy is the best way I can describe how I feel about you. I want to feel like that forever.”

“Vi ćete srce.” (You will sweetheart) Nathan murmured. “Ja ne idem nigde.” (I’m not going anywhere).


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Title: Behind these walls, so tall... I don't wanna climb, I'm afraid to fall.
Rating: R (I hope this is right, 'cause this is a little hot)
Pairing: Stana/Nathan
Genre: Angst

Hey guys!
I'm so happy that everyone liked the chapter one. I wasn't planning to write more, buuuuut here it is.
I probably won't be able to write again soon, so I'm already sorry. This is short, but I hope you like it.
The music on this chapter is "Haunting - Halsey". I have a little problem with relating music to Stanathan, hahaha.
Again: English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for the mistakes.
Enjoy! :)


“You put a fever inside me and I've been cold since you left. I've got a boyfriend now and he's made of gold, you moved past your own mistakes in a bed at home…”

He stopped and looked at her. She was so close, looking into his eyes… He tried to stop himself but he already knew that he couldn’t. One second later, his mouth was over hers.
The kiss was so hot, so intense. He felt as if he was afraid to let her go and lose her again, totally forgetting that he already did and she wasn’t his.
She started to kiss his neck and suddenly she pushed him away.
“What’s wrong?”
“You smell like cheap perfume. Now all I can think about is you making out with her. She can’t have you. She can’t touch you. It’s not fair, you’re not hers.”
As she said that, she put her mouth back on his neck and left a big bite there.
“You’re mine.” – Stana said.
“But you’re not mine.”
She looked down.
“Tell me, Stana, does he make you feel like this?” He said, as he putted one of his hands behind her head, kinda holding her hair and putted the other down, right on her sex, under the dress she was wearing. Stana couldn’t breathe. He started to talk in her ear “he’s capable to make you stop breathing? Just like I’m doing right now…” Then he pressed his fingers over her sex. She moaned.
“Oh Gosh, Nathan, I can’t…”
“What, Stana?” He putted
“No one can make me feel the way you do.” She said with her eyes closed. He’s the one. No one compares to him, there’s no way out of this. “I wish I had options, Nathan. But I don’t.”
Nathan wasn’t thinking anymore, but he forced himself to keep his mind clean. She had so much power over him, like he was a puppet in her hands. He hated that.
Without moving, still holding her hair and pressing his fingers on her sex, he kept talking to her face.
“You had options, Stana. You had. Marrying him was a choice no one forced you. You can’t say all these things to me and then later come back to him. You just can’t.”
He wanted to step away, tell her to leave him alone for good, but there was something between them, like a force, something keeping them together.
He pressed more his fingers on her sex, making some movements. He could feel her breathe so heavy and all he could think about was taking her to bed. Make love with her. Oh my God, he loved that woman so much it was painful.
Stana tried to say something, with him doing what he was doing to her.
“Nathan… I’m not his…” she felt his hands going inside of her underwear, making even harder for her to keep talking. She putted one hand on his right arm, pressing her nails, trying to keep breathing, trying to keep talking. “I’m yours. I will always be yours.”
The way she was talking to him was driving him insane. “Breathe, Nathan, think” – he kept telling himself. He couldn’t do this. He wanted her more than anything but she was a married woman and he had to let her go.
“I can’t do this, Stana. I can’t make love with you and then watch you go. Again” – he almost couldn’t say the words. They felt like knives on this throat.
He took his hands of her, stepping away, always looking down. He couldn’t look at her, he couldn’t say her to leave looking at her eyes.
“Please, Stana… I don’t know with I can control myself for much longer. You have to go.”
Stana was speechless. She didn’t have anything to say, because he was right. She was married she made the biggest mistake of her life. But she was still breathless, a little weak after all of his touches.
She suddenly hugged him. Came out of nowhere and with so much feelings. He tried to keep his arms away from her while she was holding him but he just couldn’t and hugged her back, with so much need. She was crying so hard that he couldn’t hold it in anymore and started to cry too.
She let him go and went out of the door, running away, crying so much that he could hear it even when she was doors away.

“Cause I've done some things that I can't speak and I've tried to wash away but you just won't leave, so won't you take a breath and dive in deep ‘cause I came here so you'd come for me… I'm begging you to keep on haunting me.”